Italy: Hope of The World Through Heavenly Tribal Messiah


By Ana Paula F. da Silva, FFWPU Italy

Our small community of Padua continues to focus and invest on tribal messiahship under the guidance of our pastor.

Everyone, without exception, must receive the Blessing. Strengthened by this awareness, we have decided to invite the family that has been taking care of our dear grandmother for many years, that is, my 98- year-old mother-in-law.

They are a Moldovan family of Orthodox religion, which has always kept us from inviting them. On the contrary, their response was immediately positive.

Therefore, on October 24, we organized the Blessing ceremony at grandmother’s house.

We were surprised by their preparation both exterior and interior and by their desire to participate to the point of inviting their son with the wife and child: three generations were reunited.

The ceremony was officiated by our pastor, Angelo Chirulli and his wife, Flora Grassivaro. That evening, supporting us, there were also the prayers of all our brothers and sisters. Their support has made us strong and determined. This event has taught us to put aside our prejudices and to totally unite with our V. Mother.

In the end, we celebrated by sharing a delicious dinner as well as the joy of feeling that, one step at a time, we are becoming ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD.

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