Italy: Celebration of Holidays

Community Celebration of the 59th True Children’s Day and the 31st Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World of Heaven and Earth

By Sergio Coscia, FFWPU Italy

On Sunday, November 11th, our community could spend a very beautiful and meaningful day together, celebrating not just one, but two of the major holidays in our tradition: the True Children’s Day and the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World. After celebrating in our families, we truly felt it was time to hold a special event, that we organized on the day of the anniversary of the 100 years since the end of the First World War.

Reflecting about the tragedy of all the conflicts of the past and of the present, the community pastor spoke about the meaning of being true sons and daughters of God today. People of faith rejoice because they could find again their Heavenly Parent, and it is indeed an amazing joy and grace of which we should always be grateful; but being children of God should make us feel with equal strength the suffering of God for the tragic lives of His own daughters and sons. If we are to call ourselves Children of God, we cannot but devote our lives in easing the pain of our brothers and sisters, thus demonstrating that we truly are children of filial piety, in the spirit of the Hyo Jeong tradition.

Our celebration culminated in one special Blessing ceremony for two special people whom we could welcome in our community. One of them is going through a special purification course to prepare for a new beginning, to form a new heavenly family. Another of our special sisters had a very interesting experience, just the night before attending our event: she dreamed that she was awakened by our community pastor (although she never met him before in her life) and that, after getting up, she could see many people waiting to enter a room, like our group at the entrance of our celebration hall. She then decided that she had to come and that’s how she could receive the Blessing of her marriage to her husband who ascended to the spirit world 35 years ago, and to whom she was always faithful, all her life.

After a celebration song – Grace of the Holy Garden – offered in Japanese with great grace, we had a wonderful lunch and celebration with music, songs, dances… a truly festive day that we offered to Heaven with deep gratitude.

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