Italy: CARP Workshop 2018

by Davide Chirulli, CARP Italy

The Italian CARP workshop held in Colle Mattia (Rome) from 1 to 4 November 2018 has just ended. The workshop’s motto “We are the power of the future!” has given space to interactive activities, lessons, sports games, but also spiritual moments, which have highlighted the intrinsic value of CARP. The workshop was aimed to offer young people the opportunity to understand the essence of CARP and to live it through its own value and its potential, presenting itself in the eyes of God, True Parents and the world.

From day one we started with activities (as simple as games and “icebreakers”) to create a friendly atmosphere. The group that from the beginning was very cohesive, was formed by guys from various communities (about twenty guys) of which some new entries. The days were interspersed with lessons that addressed various issues. On the second day Davide Chirulli gave a lesson on the meaning of the CARP and on being members, retracing historical moments from the past to our days.

Presenting various members of the CARP such as Tiger Park and Hyo Jin Moon and their actions on the front line, reporting testimonies and examples of their lives. The point of this lesson was to leverage on the basic principles of CARP and the values of life, making each of those present conscious and responsible for their own value as a blessed child and for being unique to God, True Parents and their community. To live all this, there is a need for integrity and to remember who we are and where we come from. At the end of the lesson the conclusion was aimed at focusing on what through the teaching received we can transmit to others and to society, or Truth and Love. And this is precisely the essence of CARP and us young people. Each of us is in search of Truth and everyone needs Love, but a True Love accompanied by a Happiness that persists over time and does not fade away. All of this is not a dream, but it can become a reality if we really want to work together, because each of us has the right to live in a world of peace, and in particular God has the right to sacrifice much through the history to get us here.

We must therefore set new goals and have a more determined vision that everyone can achieve through collaboration. The lesson was combined with a practical activity, guided by some questions, to give children the opportunity to get to know each other better and establish good relations of friendship.

The sports activities led by Valerio Tammiso have marked the days, with tournaments and group games. Interesting and motivating lessons given by Ignazio Cabras who presented the first chapter of the Divine Principle with practical examples and moments of interactivity, to give us the opportunity to live it and put it into practice in our lives and to have the right knowledge to deal with dialogue. In addition to the softer moments, the days were embellished with more introspective activities, aimed at creating a deep and special unity among all the participants. In these moments, they were able to share experiences and feelings experienced and that perhaps marked their lives. They were able to learn that even if life holds challenges for us, we must never feel alone because there will always be someone ready to support us when the difficulties appear on our path.

As a result of this activity another one was carried out that concerned the future; the guys were asked to write a letter to themselves from here to 7 years, talking about what they could have achieved in those years, talking about their goals and the person they could have become, thus assessing a possible perspective for their future.

The remaining time in the following days has been well enriched by sport and group games, linking physical leisure to the most spiritual moments.

Cristian Termine acted as lecturer on 3 November dealing with the topic of the life of faith and how to deal with the theme of spirituality in everyday life, committing ourselves to building stable communities. What has been highlighted is how important it is to build good relationships in the family, participate in courses and activities, and commit ourselves to building a stable community for our future, asking firsthand how we can keep our life of faith high.

We must remember that our life of faith is different from that of our parents; they lived in a different historical period in which absolute devotion and detachment from everything that could prevent total availability was required. For us young people is different, we have many examples that our parents and many others before them have left us to understand how to grow our life of faith. Even the courses and activities organized annually are opportunities to grasp and a reason for meeting, exchange and sharing. The lesson has really struck the guys by making them reflect on their personal situation. Connected to the lesson a brainstorming activity in which everyone could describe good practices for the development of ideal communities.

Following the DP Contest! In which the various groups have competed with pride.

The theme had as its subject the content material that had as its theme the first chapter of the Divine Principle or, “The ideal of creation” plus the introduction, all divided into 6 paragraphs corresponding to as many study groups to learn and prepare to expose it . Leading the evening Daniela Andreozzi and Elena Chirulli who led the audience to the various steps of the contest. The jury was made by Giuseppe Calì, Davide Chirulli, Ignazio Cabras and Cristian Termine, who were able to evaluate the contenders for the trophy, giving assessments and advice at the end of each exhibition. The purpose of this contest was to understand how to present the content of the Principle to people, understanding their meaning to put it into practice in their lives. We had 3 winners Godwin Chionna, Alma Galasso and Antonella Alves, who demonstrated creativity, knowledge and skills in presenting their topics.

The prize consisted of a sum of money that the winners can use to implement a CARP activity in their communities.

Later, in the evening, we sang songs to introduce a more interior, more spiritual atmosphere and prepare ourselves for prayer in the blessed land. Prayer to the blessed rock was a very touching moment in which each of those present was able to share directly with God what he experienced in those days and his own projects after the course.

A strong and warm Mansei (shout of good wishes and exultation) of group has sealed the unity and the determination of the participants connected to God by a strong spiritual atmosphere.

They were followed by hugs and moments of harmony among those present.

The next day, the last one, there was the lesson / guidance offered by Giuseppe Calì who presented his experience during the Peace Road in the Balkans and focused on how unity among young people and adults from all part of the world has made the event even more impactful. It is exactly through unity that harmony is created and it is the essence of Love and of God, to live it brings prosperity and well-being. Giuseppe continued by sharing the personal experience of being part of CARP in the past and the need to be something that is continually active and creative, a place where everyone contributes by creating something unique. Everyone has individual wishes and it is right to pursue them, but you can make them better and more important if we learn to live them for a greater good.

The CARP should live and position itself in society in these ways.

The last lecture held by Davide Chirulli presented in a concrete way how to implement the various CARP projects (reviewing the ideas and ideas provided by the brainstorming activities) in their communities, starting from small steps through commitment, dedication, hope and unity, but in particular creativity. We concluded this course with the Graduation and the awarding of diplomas, reiterating not to consider it a conclusion but the beginning of a new future for CARP and for all the people present, who will have to commit themselves to make the whole thing a tangible and more immediate reality possible!

This year we had a good number of participants (more than we expected), but I think it is right, if not essential, that more people, especially young people, are present at the next meetings and / or events of the CARP through support economic (for those who need it), but also spiritual and motivational of the larger communities and members. All of this is indispensable for the providence and our mission in this nation for God, the True Parents and our own families!

Thanks to everyone present, thanks to the CARP leaders (Davide Chirulli, Valerio Tammiso, Sonjin D’Adda, Elena Chirulli, Daniela Andreozzi) that worked together to make this workshop beautiful. Thanks also to the kitchen staff and to the teachers and to all the participants. All of you were really precious to make this workshop a success!

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