Germany: Weekend Seminar

by Claus Dubisz, FFWPU Germany

The last Divine Principle workshop of 2018 was held on a glorious autumn weekend, 2-4 November, in the Neumühle seminar center. There were thirty-four participants (including staff), of which more than a half were under the age of 30, making for a constellation which we had always hoped to achieve.

Dieter Schmidt, Ulrich Tuente and Claus Dubisz gave presentations about different aspects of the Divine Principle; Heidi Wakayama and Hyoman Noguchi were the moderators. Especially successful this time was the family evening, when in addition to the various musical contributions, we engaged enthusiastically in two intergenerational games-lovingly prepared by Mathea Staudinger with the help of members of past HARP committees.

The numerous guests listened attentively to the Principle. Despite differing spiritual backgrounds (Christian, Muslim, Druish, Unification and Esoteric), we were all able to understand that the central instrument of God is a loving family – husband and wife, grandparents, parents and children – and this is what unites all mankind.

The participants could chose between two alternative ‚golden autumn‘ walks (a longer one to Gnadenthal; a shorter one round the Neumühle), taking the opportunity to experience further aspects of our heavenly parents. And Setsuko Wöllmer and her staff added the final touch with the excellent cuisine.

At the end of the weekend, all the participants were offered the Holy Wine (Nectar) in order that God’s Blessing might be present in their lives and good seeds might bring fruit.

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