Germany: The Blessing of 14 Korean Nurses


 By Stefan and Jae-Sook Schmid, FFWPU Germany

On October 20, 2018, we travelled from Bavaria to Berlin,- the International Kultural Center ufaFabrik – to give the Blessing.

It was here that 14 talented Korean nurses from all over Germany were taking part in a play with scenes representing 40 years of life in Germany. The 90 minute long demanding theatre piece was entitled: ‘Töchter, wir stehen auf!‘ (Daughters, we rise up).

The story was very moving and there were many, many tears shed during the performance in the full-to-capacity theater.

We used this historical event as a good opportunity to bless those taking part in the drama and prepared at home long in advance. My wife cooked unusual Korean delicacies, such as the nurses had not eaten since their younger days. And of course, we prepared several bottles of Holy Wine. Fully loaded, we set off on the 650-kilometer drive to our capital city.

Straight away after the enthralling presentation, we went backstage and blessed all fourteen ‘actresses’ and my wife offered a beautiful and hopeful prayer to the group. Aju! Then the delicacies were eaten.

All the nurses were so inspired that we had driven more than 1200 kilometres to bring the Blessing, the gratitude and the joy of ‘ Hananim’ and True Parents.

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