Germany: Memory of Home Church Work 40 Years Ago

By Ulrich Ganz

On October 21 2018, we held a wonderful meeting in Hamburg to exchange testimonies about the Home Church work of 1978.

Christina Begnaud/Partuschke told us about her experiences as a Home Church pioneer in Cologne. With very little money in her pocket, a sleeping bag and suitcase, she set off to look for a place to stay in her area. She was able to find a bed in various homes, but always found herself on the street again as soon as it became clear to which group she belonged. So it was an up and down course, but Christine commented: “I always felt that Heavenly Father was with me and showed me what I could do next”. Eventually good relationships developed, some of which continue to this day. Of course, the older people have already gone to the spiritual world.

And her husband, Gerard, who pioneered Home Church work in London, told us that he still has contacts there. When he visited a few years ago, after an interval of almost four decades, the first question directed at him as he stood on the doorstep was: “ Are you still with Moon?“ But his friends were happy to see him and a good conversation ensued.

And other ‚contemporary witnesses’ of this project which True Parents initiated in Europe in 1978, shared their experiences. Josef Eder often found himself as a witness to family disputes, and such experiences gave him many practical tips for life.

For the second generation, such testimonies are an opportunity to learn something about their parents and spiritual aunts and uncles, and what they did and experienced in their younger years.

In this way, not only can we pass on our experiences with our Heavenly Parents and our True Parents, but through testifying, we can generate a stronger impulse to continue on the path towards our goal of establishing Cheon Il Guk on earth.


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