Germany: Interreligious Worship Service

The Jewish Rabbi Dr. Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar from Columbia visits Munich


Prepared by FFWPU Germany

On Sunday 4 November 2018, the FFWPU community in Munich had a surprise visitor from Columbia – the Jewish rabbi Dr. Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar who made a stopover in Munich on a European trip. Thus we were able to hold an interreligious worship service.

The topic was ‚reconciliation‘, commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the end of WWI which had brought about so much suffering and division in Europe.

After singing Holy Songs and the Jewish song ‚Sabbath Prayer‘ and readings from texts relevant to the topic from the anthology of Holy Scriptures and words of Rev. Moon, the rabbi introduced his interreligious peace work in Bogota, Columbia.

Since meeting Rev. Moon in 2008 at an international conference in Korea, he has steadily built the interreligious council in Columbia, of which he is today

the secretary general. He has succeeded in holding many meetings with up to 30 religious minorities in the country.

He went on to explain what points he had learnt from the teachings and autobiography of Rev. Moon which helped him in his work. Primarily- respect for each religious community and then well- structured cooperation in order to accomplish anything in his country. In his opinion, the large churches may still be the

mainstream, but when the minorities join together, they can accomplish every bit as much. After a song performed by the DONE team which happened to be there, he led us all in unison prayer which he closed with a powerful AJU.

Over the next few days he met several Catholic and Jewish dignitaries in Munich.


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