Germany: Concert for Pregnant Women and Blessing in Düsseldorf

by Werner Fehlberg, FFWPU Germany

It is a well known fact, that classical music has a positive effect on pregnant women and their future children. With this in mind, my wife Michiko organized such a concert on Saturday, November 3, 2018 in the Düsseldorf Center.

I, Werner Fehlberg, operated as an MC and explained about the purpose of the concert. Then the two professional musicians were introduced:

Erika Kamura (Japan) at the piano and Andy Chen (Taiwan) at the violin.

Both are Master Students of Professional Performance in Music at the Folkwang Music School of the city of Essen.

The pregnant women were listening to the beautiful classical music and one of them said that her baby responded by kicking in her womb as soon as Erika started playing the piano.

After the concert Michiko explained to the audience about the meaning and significance of the family in society and that it all starts with a lovingful and harmonious relationship between husband and wife which will benefit the children.

She introduced three important points in the husband/wife-relationship:

  • Gratitude for one another
  • Forgiveness
  • Love

With the Holy Wine and a Blessing prayer Michiko concluded our small ceremony. Even one of the pregnant women had tears in her eyes receiving the Holy Wine. Everyone enjoyed the music and the wonderful atmosphere.

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