Germany: “Art for Peace“ Exhibition


By Hubert Arnoldi, UPF Germany

Forty very different styles of international artwork were exhibited in the UPF premises in Hornbergstraße on Sunday 21.10.2018. The large hall was tastefully decorated in a style fitting to autumn with many varieties of flowers, leaves and shrubs. All age groups and many nationalities were represented.

The exhibited items included pictures, sculptures and handicrafts, watercolors, oil paintings, collages and calligraphies. Some of the artists-such as Professor Klaus Bushoff (INTERART Stuttgart) and Israela Hägele (Project Cliceasy, art and photography in Filderstadt) –were there with their children and families. They gave small presentations about the topic and their projects.

The moderator was Hubert Arnoldi, UPF-representative for Stuttgart, who greeted the guests and thanked those who had made their work available for the exhibition. After his rendering of „Climb Every Mountain“ all the participants raised their glasses of juice or champagne in a toast to „art for peace“: “to peace, love, unity and harmony, true loving families, a family of man with God as Heavenly Father and Mother. God bless our art and artists here and now, always and everywhere!“

Then each work of art was introduced and all who wished to do so, could paint a star using a template in acrylic on our themed “belt-star/ Orion Nebula” screen.

We lingered together for a long time, enjoying coffee and cake to the background music of Israela and her children on the piano, as a beautiful day drew to an end. Many thanks to all the participants, helpers, sponsors and guests!


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