Germany: An Experience with Mother Teresa

Prepared by WFWP Germany

Margret Reinacher-Bellomo was our guest speaker on November 10, 2018, and her topic was Mother Teresa and her own personal experience with this saintly woman.

The event attracted an audience of fourteen, and we gathered round a festively decorated table to share refreshments before Gabriele Schickert opened the event officially with a prayer. Margret Reinacher-Bellomo and her husband Pietro worked for CAUSA in the Vatican, and it was there in Rome in 1985 that she met Mother Teresa, having volunteered to serve in her mission.

Mother Teresa was a frequent visitor to the Vatican and in Rome she trained the Sisters for the work as ‘Missionaries of Charity’.

She and her Sisters lived in absolute poverty and all that they did was only made possible by donations and the help of compassionate people.

In Rome they established houses for the homeless and ill (including a house in the Vatican). Every day they prepared food for up to 400 impoverished people and visited the slums of Rome. Margret was often able to assist Mother Teresa as a driver and accompanied her when she went shopping or visited the slums. She showed us impressive photos of this time when she worked in the Vatican.

We then had the opportunity to watch a film about Mother Teresa, entitled ‘Mother Teresa’s Testament ‘, which was in form of an interview with Mother Teresa about her work, especially in the slums of Calcutta.

Her love and selfless life for the sake of the dying, the sick and suffering, the physically and mentally handicapped, the unwanted children, and even the unborn was demonstrated. She vehemently opposed abortion and arranged adoptions for unwanted children. The religious affiliation of the suffering people was of no consequence to her.

We were all deeply moved by this film and Mother Teresa’s sacrificial love and understood that she is truly a saint.

Once more we sat down together and exchanged thoughts and ideas. Ute Lemme distributed cards with words from Mother Teresa, which were then read aloud.

Margret Reinacher-Bellomo closed the meeting with a prayer, before we took our leave of each other, grateful to have experienced such an uplifting afternoon.

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