France: Heritage and Transmission of Values

Prepared by Jean-François & Hisako Moulinet, FFWPU France

In cooperation with a local catholic family association (AFC), the second meeting on this season’s top “Heritage & transmission” was held on Friday November 16, 2018.

In contrast to our usual set-up, this time the ladies of the AFC organized group discussions on the two main questions:

  1. What legacy (of values) do we wish to leave to our descendants?
  2. How do we transmit this?

Their rules of discussions are very firm and help to obtain more context and satisfaction:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Speaking from one’s own experience
  3. Attitude of kindness and no judgement allowed
  4. Attentive listening without interrupting
  5. Respect the time allocated to each person.

All participants felt gratification through this method and sometimes ended up with more time and nothing more to say!

Each person and each group defined a few “golden nuggets” to share with the audience at the end:

  • Respect life, nature and human beings
  • Value what is good, true and beautiful
  • Sharing with a fraternal mind set is important
  • Listen to what others have to say, until the end, without interrupting them
  • Incarnate the values one wishes to transmit to others, especially to our children.

Some of the values that people wish to transmit to their children and grandchildren:

  • A life of faith
  • Respect for life
  • Service to others/altruism
  • Kindness, honesty, sincerity, frankness, sense of responsibility
  • Love of effort/work, self-discipline, knowing one’s limits et obtain the respect of others
  • Happiness is found in human relationships, and especially in the couple

As for the way of transmission:

  • Be a model to our children and incarnate the values we wish them to adopt, even if some of our children might build their personality in opposition to their parents and their childhood experiences
  • Accept the choices our children make, out of love and respect for them
  • Help them through open discussions to be able to discern the good and bad influences of media and society
  • Give hope to them
  • Show them role models and teach them indirectly through storytelling, movies, books carefully selected.

Apart from the interesting content, the fact that we could work with such a “mainstream” group gives us hope and inspiration for the future.


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