France: Autumn Blessed family Gathering

Prepared by FFWPU France

This was the 1st time that we gather young unificationists from all different ages for a whole week-end in Chamarande Training Center. Most participants were over 18 but on Sunday 21st there was also a special WS for children under 10 years old who attended with their parents. A WS for children from 10 to 18 years old started on Sunday 21st evening as well and went on to Friday October 26th. The goal of the week-end was to gather Young Unificationists sharing common values, mindset, vision and purpose in their lives.

The program was mainly focused on how to live and achieve the 3 Blessings in your daily lives. How to develop our full potential on an individual level? How to create harmonious relationships with our families and friends? How to contribute to a higher purpose through our talents and skills? We had speed sharings, group discussions, testimonies, networking sessions and practical presentations all focused on these topics. The testimony evening was a very moving experience because it was combined with singing praises to God. The praises were lead by a Young unificationist couple who joined the movement a few years ago.

The network sessions were about projects and initiatives from different young unificationists who were given the opportunity to present their projects during this week-end.

The practical sessions were on 3 different topics: Personal Development, Herbal Medicine and developing your creativity.

We finished the WS playing games between elder and very young blessed children, a service project to improve the Chamarande Training Center and a campfire with grilled sausages.

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