Europe: Blissfully Blessed Couples Retreat

Prepared by European Blessed Family Department

On the weekend of October 21, 2018, 8 Second Gen couples gathered in Bad Camberg for the Blissfully Blessed – couples Retreat. It was a packed weekend, as we had to make the most of the short time!

We played couple games, had an outdoor Treasure hunt based on the 5 Love Languages, learned the basics and benefits of ball room dancing and a candle lit dinner for each couple. Together with Astrid Kunkel and Heidi Mayr, we discussed how to improve our communication, resolve conflicts and prepare for parenthood. We shared in groups of new and less-new couples, and brother and sister groups. We learned from elder couples and got inspired by the fresh newly-weds. We drank lots and lots of teas and coffees as we did all this and simply enjoyed each others company – of our partner as well as other 2nd Gen. The atmosphere was warm and refreshing, perfect for an Autumn weekend.

We would like to thank all those that supported and helped organize the retreat. Special thanks go to Steve and Diane Winter who cooked delicious meals for us and shared their testimony.


Read a few quotes from our participants below to get an impression.

Her: “It was nice to meet other 2nd Gen couples. It was nice to share in discussions as well as in our couple. I liked the couple games & ball room dancing, but we needed more time! But I understand this is hard as it was just a weekend. It was a meaningful time with my partner. The treasure hunt was my favorite!”

Him: “The activities and lectures really helped me. I can say that it was worth it to come. What I liked the most was the candle lit dinner with the questions. It was good to know the perspective of my wife on what we need to improve. It was a good atmosphere.”

Her: ”For me, the candle lit dinner was definitely a highlight. Beautiful, romantic atmosphere with amazing food and spending quality time with my hubby. The questions helped us to reflect and go deeper on how we are really doing and what aspects to improve. Spending time with the other couples was refreshing as well, as we face many similar issues and situations. Knowing that you’re not alone and that we support each other as brothers and sisters, as friends really encouraged me.”

Him: “Just taking the time to reflect on where we are in our relationship and evaluating on how to develop our relationship further, I felt encouraged to go deeper. Even though we were doing alright, I felt more connected to her and more sincere towards her. Our relationship became even more intimate and fulfilling.”

Him & Her: “Food was amazing  – always makes People happy. Es war ein wirklich schöner und gemütlicher Workshop. War schön das wir nicht so viele Leute waren und die Paare etwas näher kennen lernen konnten. Es hat sich angefühlt wie ein Wochenende mit guten alten aber auch neuen Freunden. Es war gut von älteren Brüdern und Schwestern einige ihrer Erfahrungen zu hören. Da wir noch nicht so lange zusammen sind, waren natürlich nicht immer alle Themen relevant, deswegen sind auch die Diskussionsgruppen eine schöne Abwechslung gewesen um direkt Dinge anzusprechen. Doch war es schön sich nochmal etwas für die Zukunft dann vorzubereiten. Es war eine schöne Atmosphäre und man hat sich wohl gefühlt. Ein längeres Wochenende wäre auch sehr schön, das Programm war auch gut, hätte auch etwas fordernder sein können, also vielleicht im Sinne von mit dem Partner zusammenzuarbeiten um neue Seiten zu entdecken. Danke für die schöne Zeit und die ganze Organisation!”

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