Dominican Republic: 2-Day Hyojeong Workshop

By Jake Laviña, FFWPU Dominican Republic

On November 4 and 5, 2018 CARP Dominican Republic conducted 2-day Divine Principle Workshop exclusive only for all the officers and young leaders of CARP. The workshop was held at la Finca, Bonao with the 26 Youth Leaders participated from different groups and places included the 4 Youth leaders from Santiago, 3 Youth Leaders from UASD University, CIG Missionaries of Japan, CARP and Second Generation Youth Leaders.

The purpose of this seminar is to educate those young leaders who will be working with CARP as we are going to expand the program and educational activities in different places as well as inside the University. This is the very first time that we are going to expand the activities of CARP in different places of the nation. For that reason, we want these youth leaders who will be working with us receive the Divine Principle to make sure that we can establish a harmonious relationship with the same vision and goals by receiving the Principle.

The program included the General view of Divine Principle, Blessing, Character and Pure Love Education. Lic. Cesar Regalado gave a clear lecture presentation about the general point of Divine Principle and Blessing. Moreover, Lic. Bernardo Cruz, the newly appointed National Leader gave a powerful Lecture about Pure Love Education. He emphasizes the importance of purity and the right preparation before establishing family. Lastly, Jake Lavina the Youth Especial Envoy presented the Vision, Mission, goals and objective of CARP in University level as well as the future plans on how we are going to start the CARP activities in each places. In conclusion, he establish CARP officers in every places among the participants of this seminar. Everyone is very happy to be part of this workshop and they are very determined and inspired to start the Activities in their respective places.

We do believe that this Seminar will lead us to advance the providential works of CARP as we just entered the new era of Heavenly Latin America. We will do our best to really set a heavenly standard and stand as a model to all the Caribbean Countries by expanding and raising more young leaders in this nation to bring more victory to God and True Parents.

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