Costa Rica: Divine Principle Lecture Contest


Prepared by FFWPU Costa Rica

On November 3 and 4, 2018 we held a two day Divine Principle Lecture Contest for the youth. The main idea was to give the members a chance to experience True father’s heart when he gave Sunday sermons or lectures.

We tried to help the participants to learn the most important thing to focus on when we are giving a sermon or a Divine Principle lecture, and to gain confidence. So that they feel motivated to keep giving lectures in the future and connect more with Heavenly Parents and True Parents´ heart.

On November 3rd, participants received talks about the importance of the Sunday service and correct mentality whenever we are about to give a sermon.  Then they received advice from the older brothers and sisters that have already gave sermon in the Sunday service. After that each one of the participants had the opportunity to prepare a 15-minute lecture for the Sunday Service for the next day. On November, all the participants prepared themselves to give their own sermon to the 2nd generation and Carp members and they all received gift for giving time and participating in this program.

We believe everyone understood the importance of the Sunday Service and the kind of heart that they should have when giving a lecture, and that they are not giving their own thoughts but rather transmitting what Heavenly Parents and True Parents wants them to share to the audience. Each participant chose a different topic and learned how to teach that specific theme to others, where the participants talked about true love, the mission of the young generations, the importance of indemnity, the spiritual world, the blessing and how to apply the divine principle content to your everyday life, among others. By doing this, they learned more deeply about their own topic and shared it with everybody else, which was a very nurturing experience for all the members.

Julio Olmos, Carp Member, 21 years old: “It was a very valuable experience because this is not something you do very often and so you don’t have a lot of opportunities to do this. Personally, it really helped find a way to connect more with True Parents trough the topic I spoke about (True Love), and also understood more deeply how important the Sunday Service is, and that the person giving the lecture has a great responsibility with the members and with God and True Parents. I´m very happy with what I learned and I hope we do more activities like this where younger or more inexperienced members can have an opportunity to grow”

We want to keep helping all of the participants to learn more about giving lecture, so that they can give lecture more confidently. Also we will create new programs where the younger or new members can find different ways to not only learn more about True Parents’ teaching, but also find an effective and personal way to share and give testimony to others about the heart of our Heavenly Parents and True Parents, so that both the 2nd Generation and Carp members can grow stronger internally.

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