Brazil: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

On November 9th and 10th, a 2-days Workshop on Heavenly Tribal Messiah was held at the headquarters of Brazil. At the end of this Workshop, the Inauguration Ceremony of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy of Brazil took place (Subregion-1).

The keynote speaker was Dr. Gil Young Hwan. The seminar was very enlightening about strategies and ways to connect the Home Group with the victory of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah.

About 140 people attended the seminar among Home Group leaders, missionaries, pastors and blessed families in general. They all gathered to hear and learn how to conduct their HTM mission and again resorted to obeying the command of the True Mother to bring the Blessing to all the people of the nation.

On Sunday, Dr. Gil also gave the Sunday sermon on the same theme as the Workshop.

Based on the explanations of this workshop the Brazilian members are perfecting their strategies to achieve the victory of the Blessing of 430 couples until the day of the foundation of 2019.

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