Brazil: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing and Education

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

The Blessing in the morning, the couples´ seminar in the afternoon and the candlelight dinner in the evening last Sunday (Nov. 4) were a great success!

There were only three newly-contacted previously-married couples who received the blessing and did until the 3 steps of the Blessing:  Holy Wine Ceremony,  the Blessing Prayer and the Indemnity Stick Ceremony.

After the couples received the blessing (officiated by the Vice-President of the church, Pr. Valcir Zancan and his wife) right after the Sunday Sermon (given by the State Pastor, Pr. Amaral), immediately they did the Indemnity Stick Ceremony and after lunch they went through a deeper  education about the summary of the Divine Principle, the Value and Significance of the Blessing, the 5 Steps of the Blessing and the 10 Habits that the Couples need to observe in order to have a better conjugal relationship.

The main lecturer was Pr. Takashi Hosoya (Itinerary Missionary).

The candlelight dinner highlighted the whole day event as a celebration of the blessing received by each couple.  The atmosphere was heavenly,  cozy and romantic with the indoor decoration that the staff made.

There were a total of only 3 new couples and 15 blessed couples.  The whole event gave everyone warmth inside and an inspiration to invite new guests to participate to our next events in November.

We deeply thank God and the True Parents for their guidance and ongoing blessings to each and everyone of us.  They give us much strength in everything that we do, Aju!!!


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