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Our International President, Sun Jin-nim and In Sup-nim met with the participants of the Peace Starts With Me Workshop, hosted by the American Youth and Young Adult Ministry (YAYAM) at UTS, the day before True Mother’s rally at the Nassau Coliseum.

At the outset, Sun Jin-nim expressed that her message wasn’t going to be a lecture but a heart-to-heart. This distinction was clear throughout her time with us, as she spent most of it seated cross-legged on the stage, exchanged questions and answers with the workshop participants, and gifted us all with Dunkin’ Donuts (the last, she told us, a tradition that True Father liked to observe with the True Family after Pledge on Sundays).

Sun Jin-nim also led us all through a lovingkindness meditation, inviting us to be filled with God’s light and love and then to channel that love to someone in our life we love, to someone neutral in our life, and to someone in our life who we find it hard to love—practically and spiritually exercising the muscle of loving everyone regardless of how we perceive or feel about them.

Just before she left, Sun Jin-nim also gave a very special gift to two of the workshop participants. High schoolers Timothy Dunkley and Mi-Hye Platt each received an energy stone bracelet, infused with qualities to support their growth and journeys.

Sun Jin-nim’s Message

Sun Jin-nim’s remarks revolved around a few questions put to her by the workshop staff: how to build one’s relationship with True Parents, what she understands the term “only begotten Daughter” to mean, and what she felt that we as youth and young adults could do to contribute to True Parents and to God’s hope for the world.

She proposed that the best answers to all of these questions could be found by reading True Parents’ own words and then proceeded to read selections from True Mother’s Anthology, a relatively new privilege since the anthology was only made available earlier this year.

The excerpts Sun Jin-nim read were from Mother’s reflections about her own life and were deeply moving. We could hear in Mother’s own words the suffering and the hardship she went through to walk the path that God had called True Parents to walk, as well as the joy and the gratitude she came to feel as she grew into her role and identity as True Mother.

After her reading, Sun Jin-nim shared a very beautiful piece of wisdom True Mother had given to her once about how to grow in one’s relationship with True Parents. In sum: don’t focus on or worry about your inadequacies. We all go through the three stages of growth—formation, growth, and completion—we are all capable of growing. Instead, focus on these two things. First, on gratitude. Cultivate gratitude for the gifts you been given like your family, your friends, your talents, your passions; when we cultivate gratitude, there is no space to think that you’re without because you recognize that you are actually in a space of abundance. Second, know love. Love people and learn to love people and God will be with you. God and True Parents are with you, so you’ll get there. Believe they are with you.

This beautiful wisdom, Sun Jin-nim explained, is the wisdom of the post-indemnity era: the new era of joy, celebration, and freedom established by True Parents through their sacrifice, their perseverance, and their love for God as God’s Son and Daughter. “You are God’s love, God’s dream realized,” she shared. Now that we have True Parents, for the first time, we’re not paying indemnity but living in freedom. “We’re starting from zero and we have ‘infinity+’ to go.”

When she reached the last question, Sun Jin-nim actually put the question back to the audience and took answers from many of the youth and young adults in the room. Many of the participants expressed their gratitude for this exchange later, as it confirmed the feeling of having had a meaningful conversation with a beloved older sister.

Sun Jin-nim’s concluding guidance to us, “Be the hope you want to see in the world….Win the crown of glory. Cultivate the heart, the love. Love your enemy, rise above, and change it for good. Glory is the living embodiment of love on earth, the highest level of love we can achieve. That is your legacy because that is what True Parents did.”


Marcus Fuller, 23 Las Vegas: I really appreciated Sun Jin nims sharing with us. I think for too long many people in our movement have relied on True Parents and True Children  direct guidance. When the question was asked “what do we need to do as an American movement”, Sun Jin nim asked us to answer. That was such a powerful thing. I could feel her heart and True Mothers heart of longing for the youth to take ownership. I’ve always had big dreams and desires to change the world, and once i met the movement, I finally had a place to direct that desire. When Sun Jin nim affirmed those who asked questions, I knew that what she was really trying to tell us was to  ownership. I really felt like she was my older sister who was encouraging me to become a leader. Sun Jin nims sharing, combined with Yeon Ah nims sharing and Reverend Abernathys guidance has been a loud and clear message from God and True Parents: It’s time for us youth to take ownership, become leaders, and use our passions and talents for God, True Parents, and the world. I am so grateful for this workshop, and for the amazing music, food, team, guidance, and love.

Junghyo Batino, 20, Las Vegas: All my life growing up as a second generation, I have always been looking an older sister figure to look up to and her visit to our workshop made my heart so happy. I felt that knew exactly what we needed as young people. Her style in sharing hdh and connecting with is felt very personal. It was so empowering to experience being understood and believed in.

JungHae Joo, 15, New Jersey: Sun Jin Nim talked about how we each have our own purpose that Heavenly Parent set out for us, and now more than ever, I want to find that purpose but more importantly trust God with all my heart and let Him lead me. Before Sun Jin Nim had came to talk about Mother, I had gone to Mother’s Pond. There, I let God take over and I just kept going in through the marsh and at one point I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. When my feet started to hurt, I stopped, saying sorry to Heavenly Parent that I wouldn’t go on, and went back to the building. But when Sun Jin Nim talked about how Mother felt so much pain but she still went on even if it seemed impossible and how she made those experiences ones of joy and victory, I realized why God must have led me to Mother’s Pond; it was so that I could realize really how hard it must have been for Mother and how something so meager as cold feet shouldn’t stop me from following and going to where God set out for me.I love you True Mother! I will definitely become someone who can be the person God needs me to be and I will attend you! –

Christian Millaire, 16, New Jerse: Having Sun Jin Nim come to the Workshop was really special. She was able to connect and engage us the entire time and I felt as though she was talking to me on a personal level. The way she interacted with us as a group perpetuates the message of unity as we felt like a family. The meditation she guided us through instilled a warm feeling of affection, forgiveness, and a will to better ourselves in order to make world peace achievable.

Mi Young Eaton, 27, New Jersey: When Sun Jin-nim read True Mother’s words about True Parents’ road through hell, I started crying a lot. I was struck by the thought that even if I am ready to enter hell now and to help True Parents, I don’t want my children to walk through hell. I was so sad thinking that they might have to if the world isn’t restored yet.

And then I could see that God felt the same way about True Parents, and that True Parents felt the same way about True Children, and even about us as first- and second-gen. It’s the heart of a parent to protect their children from suffering; but restoration requires sacrifice, and someone had to pioneer the way through hell in order for the world to be redeemed. True Parents were the first, and now we stand in the position to continue their work. How sad and grateful and sad God must be.

I’ve noticed recently in my life that forgetfulness is one of my greatest weaknesses. I often forget what God, True Parents, my parents, and my loved ones have done for me, and in forgetting lose heart and faith. So I am trying harder now to honor the love and the truth I have received simply by remembering.

Sun Jin-nim’s talk yesterday will be another focal point for me to hold onto, a memory to light my path to God and to True Parents, to remind me, and I am so grateful for that.

Thank you, Sun Jin-nim, for sharing your heart with us and for helping us take another step forward as we build relationships of heart with True Parents.

And thank you, True Parents, for this beautiful life I have the opportunity to live. And thank you, True Mother, for your example of indomitable grace, love, perseverance, and wisdom. I’m pretty far behind but I’m going to keep following in your footsteps in order to make the path easier to follow for those coming after me.

Joshua Fontaine, Canada, 20: The talk from Sun Jin was something that I was looking forward to for the last week. I know that she loves to do a more interactive talk then just a sermon which is great because it really gets people to feel involved. My group loved the interaction that she gave and her answers on why True Mother is the only begotten daughter and on how to deal with the division in the True Family was so honest and true. I resonated with the answers as they are what I truely feel are correct and I hope that others have benefited from it as much as my group did. Thank you for coming Sun Jin Nim!!!! We love you and True Parents so much!!!

Kawon Kim, 18, New Jersey: Thank you so much for inviting Sun Jin Nim to our Peace Starts With Me Workshop ! The testimony was amazing and I loved how she really engaged the crowd by answering their questions rather than just giving her talk, which shows how she truly appreciates and takes into consideration the opinions and questions of our youth. Thank you so much !

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