Austria: Lecture at Vienna University

By Elisabeth Cook, UPF Austria

A famous Portuguese writer and journalist was invited by youth UPF Vienna to present his latest book “The Einstein Emigma”, in which he explains that there has to be a creator of the universe. About 70 students and other people interested in the topic attended.

The event was promoted by the missionaries of the Sunmoon University. they could bring several guests to the lecture.

The author stared with the following questions: why are we here? Why do we live? He said that these are existential questions and that God is also a scientific problem and not only a religious one. Scientists show with experiments that something can be proven or not, but unfortunately

couldn’t link it to physiology and vice versa. He explained that through quantum science God can be proven. He showed the “Doppel Spalt Experiment”. He explained that there has to be a God, as there is no other explanation of why the universe is so clever. If there would be something different for just 1 mm, the whole universe could not exist how it is.

The “Einstein Enigma” is translated in many languages and is written in form of a novel, so it is easy to read but explains profound insights, as mentioned above. We hope that the event could make people think about God and the reason why we live.        .

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