Austria: Intercultural Family Festival and Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Austria

On Saturday, November 10, 2018 the Family Federation of Vienna hosted an Intercultural Family Festival and a Blessing Ceremony. The main group attending was the Vienna based Indian group Ravidass with whom we have been building a relationship for some time. Presentations and prayers were given by the Family Federation, the Universal Peace Federation, The Celestial Church of Christ and the Christian group of Ivo Sasek.

We could learn about the history and religion of the Ravidass group: that their guru, Ravidass from the 14th century, has taught his followers about equality among all people, also among men and women, about the one invisible creator whom we should strive to become one with and many other aspects of eternal wisdom.

Johann Hinterleitner presented the 5 Principles of Peace of UPF, and Elisabeth Cook explained about the Family Federation, the centrality of the family and the Blessing Ceremony.

Musical presentations of members of the Family Federation, Ravidass and the Hungarian Gipsy Swing Group created a joyful and exciting atmosphere which made it easy for everybody to feel as brothers and sisters of one global family.

We were especially happy that brothers and sisters from Carinthia could participate and bring their guests, the leaders of the Sasek group from Carinthia, to the Blessing. They enjoyed the event and could quickly build good relationships to the Indian group.

The Hungarian musical group came to perform at the end of the program, but at the same time they also could participate in the Blessing.

These developments are only possible through the embracing spirit of True Parents who desire to spread Heavenly Parents’ Blessing to all cultures and religions of this world.

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