Austria: “I want to become a Missionary like True Mother”

Prepared by FFWPU Austria

Since September 2018, 4 missionaries from the Sun Moon University are staying in Vienna, Austria. Their mission is to witness and find spiritual children. Every week they have one or two public programs which are organized by CARP Vienna, such like lectures, HDH readings, discussion, excursions or workshops. Here is a short report about their activities in the last month:

Evening with a lecture by Mrs. Gaby Zöhrer about “Love – Illusion, Imagination or Vision ”. Together they discussed about how to define “Love” in connection to illusion, imaginations and vision, which was very thought provoking for all participants.

A HDH evening was organized for guests on the topic “Setting goals.” After reading the text people were discussing and exchanging in small groups ideas on how to actually apply the contents from what they heard, and set meaningful goals.

One big point was how to reach your dream if it looks impossible to achieve. We came to the conclusion that it is really important to have a big vision or dream but at the same time set small and achievable goals that lead you into the right direction”.

A 1-day DP workshop was organized with 6 guests attending. After every lecture, there were discussions in small groups in order to have give and take with the guests.

On a beautiful autumn day, CARP members took the missionaries and guests on an outing into the hills surrounding Vienna, which provided the opportunity to have deep exchange with each other.

The most successful event was a Korean Cultural evening which took place on Saturday, October 27. The missionaries and CARP members prepared presentations about Korean culture, such as explaining the Korean alphabet and a small language lessen, or the meaning of the famous song “Arirang”. They also presented several modern Korean songs with dance. A Korean dinner was prepared by our two Korean mothers, and finally all could join a “Yute” game.

More than 70 persons attended the event, among them 30 young guests. This event showed how popular Korean/ Asian culture is in Austria and that the young missionaries could convey much from the Korean culture, despite the language barriers.

At a recent Austrian Leaders-and Tribal messiahs’ Meeting the missionaries introduced themselves:

My name is Kazuaki Fujita. I’m from Japan. My dream is to become a church leader and by that contributing to build a peaceful world. That is why I am studying Theology and Pure Love at the Sun Moon University. Now we are in an internship program in Austria. Our mission is witnessing. The members who were here before (preparing True Mother’s visit) had many precious experiences here and they could develop a lot. So, we will also do our best in witnessing for 6 months. I’m really thankful that I am able to be here in Austria, because there are many people who are very honest and kind. I am very happy to meet many church members, CARP and HARP members. I will do my best to do witnessing and I want to convey the true love and True Parents to many people. Thank you.

I’m Soyeon. When I was in Korea, I mainly focused on young second generation education. So, I have never been involved in witnessing and fundraising. But when I heard about this European mission program, I thought that I would like to challenge myself for the world. In fact, I was afraid because everything was new. But I think that I am in Austria now is definitely what my Heavenly Parent wants me to do and that the mission I have to do here is clear. I will challenge myself to know the meaning of heavenly parents. I have only been here for some weeks. But here I am feeling a lot of love and a warm heart from the National Leader, the Austrian family, CARP and HARP. I also feel that it is the love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I will do my best to love Europe and the world for the rest of the year.

I am NOBUMASA IMANAKA, a missionary from Global Mission Program. I am Japanese. Now, I am studying theology and pure love at Sun Moon University. My dream is to become a pastor. The reason why I have this dream is because I met a certain pastor wo became my example. I want to thank the Heavenly parent and True parents who led me to this path! Now, True Mother travels around the world, and wherever she goes, she declares to be „the only begotten daughter of God“. I am so moved by True Mother. I also came to Austria because I want to be a missionary like True Mother. I want to tell people about True Mother. Although I can’t speak English very well, I will do my best as a missionary!

My name is Hakyung Cho, I am majoring in Theology and pure love at Sunmoon University, and now I came here because I can do this mission through an ongoing internship in my department. During the weeks I spent here I felt warm love and interest from the Austrian family, and I will do my best for Austria. As for my good points, I am considerate of others and also, I try not to be biased in life but to find a lot of possibilities in it since I want to keep my motto „A failure will bring another chance“. Thank you very much.” Thank you, True Mother, for educating our Youth in such a beautiful way! Elisabeth Cook

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