Angola: Special Seminar to Update about the Vision 2020

Prepared by FFWPU Agola

With the objective of being with the members of Angola and transmitting the dynamics with which the providence has followed and the goals to be achieved, the sub-regional leader of central africa Rev. Futila Michel, was in Luanda and gave a seminar on November 3 and 4, 2018 with the aim of updating the members on all the steps that our mother has been taking to establish the vision 2020.

Rev. Futila spoke directly explaining the course for the establishment of the vision 2020, the objectives of the great summits in Africa and what their importance to the world and especially to those who are members and family blessed. The sub-reginal leader of Central Africa explained the importance of Africa to the true.

To conclude Rev. Futila explained the importance of the blessing mainly for the second generation, the investments that our mother has made for her education and what procedures parents can use to find a good partner or partner for their children. The seminar ended with the national anthem of Angola and later of CHEON IL GUK followed with shouts of mansei.

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