Angola: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Angola

On November 10, 2018, we held a Special Blessing Ceremony at the Kilamba Kiaxi Local Center with 64 participants including 4 Couples who received the blessing.

Our New Hope choir with beautiful holy songs, followed by an opening prayer by the moderator of the ceremony. After that, we had the entrance of the officiators. The local Leader of the Bita Center gave an inspirational prayer. Then we have a video presentation about the 2018 blessing and the words of the True Mother.

Our National Leader Rev. Kinambuta Sambu Pedro explained about the importance of the blessing to the guests, couples and members present in the room. That ended with a prayer.

Our New Hope choir brightened the public with beautiful songs until the time of the holy wine ceremony for the blessed couples. After that, the Blessing ceremony started which couples participating at the blessing, went through Holy Water ceremony and the blessing vows, then they received the Blessing prayer.

Couples, who received the blessing of marriage by True Parents, were happy to be part of the family federation and heavenly Parents great big family.

At the end, couples received the blessing, had the Indemnity Stick Ceremony with the explanation of how important this ceremony is. At the end of the event we had time for fellowship together.

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