USA: We Are True Parents’ Filial Children


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On October 3, the National Ministry Team assembled in the Sutton Place Room at the New Yorker Hotel for their monthly meeting as filial children to True Parents.

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America talked about the importance of being True Parents’ filial children. “True Mother is the mother of humankind, and we are her children,” he said. “True Mother is committed to show her children the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. As filial children, we must welcome her for the sake of America in order for America to become the first Cheon Il Guk nation.”

Northeast Subregional Director Rev. Demian Dunkley started his message with a special thanks to Miilhan Stephens, Secretary General of the Northeast Subregion, along with a couple new interns at Headquarters for coming together as a team to serve True Mother at the Peace Starts with Me Rally on November 12. “We must make a complete offering, internally and externally, to welcome our True Mother,” he said.

Dr. Michael Jenkins, Co-Chairman of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) presented statistics from the Madison Square Garden event in 2017 where Christian congregations who attended the rally have already confirmed their attendance for Nassau Coliseum on November 12.

Roland Platt, Director of Generation Peace Academy (GPA) shared updates on GPA’s recent Kickoff celebrations for year 2018-2019. During Kickoff Part 1, the 75 GPA students were graced with a song Dr. Kim sang called “Nan Jangmal Mole Lah Nay,” a song about True Mother’s love. After his performance, Dr. Kim focused his address on the importance of prioritizing God in each of our lives. GPA was blessed yet again when Rev. Richard Buessing, President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA attended Kickoff Part 2 and presented a Divine Principle lecture to everyone entitled “The Purpose of the Messiah.”

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