USA: God and Modern Science Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On September 22, the Clifton Family Church hosted a Unification Thought workshop on God and Modern Science presented by Dr. Richard Lewis. A total of 22 people, both Unificationists and non-Unificationists, gathered to hear about the developments in modern science and to expand their understanding of the role of modern science in life’s spiritual and religious dimensions.

The workshop consisted of two sessions; “Basic Science” and “Life Science.” The presentations “created a brief outline of concepts and scientific theories as well as some of the newest discoveries,” shared Dr. Donna Ferrantello. Additionally, they “examined and appreciated a brilliant and exquisite labor of love [in God’s creation] with much more detail, and in a language that modern people can appreciate and enjoy,” expressed Gerry Servito.

After each session, an organic and lively discussion allowed each attendee the opportunity to see more of what the content created for them. “I personally felt that this scientific approach to principles of creation, existence and reality is critical for our church to have a deeper understanding of our own theology,” said Joe Leonard. Others observed that the content could be a much more effective introduction to the Unification Movement than traditional scripture-based introductions. George F. Glass said that “younger audience members mentioned how irrelevant the Divine Principle is for millennials, with its focus on biblical stories and quotes,” but found this workshop to include practical concepts like co-creatorship and epigenetics which is a scientific explanation for “fallen” people to restore themselves back to God. The experience for many highlighted important questions of how we, as a Unification Movement, share the value of the Principle in a way that embraces today’s highly developed understanding of science and its principles.

At the end of the workshop, participants filled out a survey on their likes, dislikes and suggested improvements for the next workshop. Many expressed a deeper connection to the heart and love of God at the time of creation. In looking forward, Alex Beebe expressed the desire to see more of the content and its “development for introductory level witnessing” in hopes of creating the opportunity to embrace the scientific community that many young Unificationists are engaged in today.

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