USA: 7-Day Divine Principle Workshop Builds “One Family Under God”


Prepared by FFWPU USA

The International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas held their monthly 7-Day Divine Principle workshop from October 17 to 23. The seven guests included a couple preparing for the Holy Marriage Blessing, two bishops and three Unificationists.

Participant listened to lectures given by Rev. Andrew Compton, Director of Education at IPEC, intently and left positive comments and reviews on the surveys. In addition to attending the Divine Principle lectures, the participants visited the Hoover Dam, prayed on True Father’s boat at Lake Mead, attended the Las Vegas Family Church Sunday service, visited and prayed at the Cheon Hwa Gung, and hiked at Red Rock Canyon. The feeling of “One Family under God” was very strong among the participants, with many of them planning to meet again in the future.



”I liked the format of the workshop: reading the Divine Principle with discussion sessions and then listening to the lecture. I felt this workshop coming full circle for me, given that Rev. Compton taught me the Divine Principle in August and September of 1987 at Camp Otis in Massachusetts. Some key points from this workshop are the awesome and also fearful responsibility to grow my heart and spirit that my parent, God, has given me. Through my thoughts and actions and life I determine how my heart and spirit develop.” – Jan van Zutphen

“I gained great insight into one of the greatest leaders of our time whose body of work withstood every attack known to man. You learn from a man whose strength was defined through great sufferings.

His light will shine brightest yesterday, today and forevermore. It is his shoulders we stand upon to reach a new level of success. He stood taller than most, because a man stands taller when he stoops over to help someone else. Most of all, through the teaching of the Divine Principle l have gained a broader understanding of God’s plan and purpose for the family.” – Bishop Mark Smith

“I gained a better understanding of the Principle, and it was much easier to understand through the testimonies and explanations given by Rev. Compton. I really appreciated his lectures, which always came full circle back to the importance of understanding God’s heart. I also found my desire to develop my understanding of and relationship with Jesus. Growing up as a second-generation Unificationist, I never understood or grasped the importance of Jesus, who we were taught had failed his mission. But then I would read Father’s speeches and realize how he loved Jesus so much. There was a disconnect that I never fully understood. Now I’m grateful to have this heart yearning to learn, to further deepen my faith and understanding of Jesus, and to appreciate True Parents even more.” – Amy Pisano

“This week was a fascinating time to learn about this new culture that is being developed. There are many new doctrines and principles that have been presented during the course of these last seven days and topics that definitely need to be received through prayer. What has been revealed to me by answers through prayer is the immense divinity that our Heavenly Father holds. This isn’t a divinity that can be completely understood by any man, and His divine plan for His children is simple, yet complicated for us to grasp. He has planned for everything from the beginning for all outcomes. As our Father, He has always wanted us to return, and He has laid down a path for us to follow. Having Him give us responsibility is the best gift that could ever be attained, because it is true what was said: that what He wants from us is our heart. It’s our heart that will bring about action, which will bring a world family. The idea of world unity resonates with me, and that is a cause I can support.” – Durant Fish

“The integrated worldview we learned, which actively connects the Divine Principle to the events of history and the present times, is absolutely critical. With this understanding, we do not have to be in a constantly reactive state. We instead can become proactive in God’s providence. With these teachings, God-centered people can win against atheistic materialism, finally tying off the satanic realm. The power of evil is now in rapid decline. Giving the Divine Principle to all of God’s people ensures that God’s victory is permanent. The physical, substantial actions we must take are now much clearer.” – Chris Kenedy

“In the high spiritual atmosphere of IPEC I was reminded of the manifest truth that I must be quiet and listen for God’s voice, listen first then seek to understand the heart of God’s children, reflect and chose my words carefully, and speak only when words are sweeter than silence.” – Gregory Bowman

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