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By June Darby, UPF UK (October 13, 2018)

The Blessing is a time of spiritual rebirth, so we want to be a Campaign to save the Nation by bringing God into the Families through the Blessing. And for it to be the beginnings of a great Spiritual Revival, by our personal Repentance and Intercession for the Nation, with prayers for Re-dedication, Re- commitment and Gratitude.

Four very good Ministers with large membership came. Pastor Ron German have a wonderful Power Point Presentation on the purpose of the Blessing, and gave an excellent talk explaining the Blessing. Then he and Catherine officiated.

Ronnie also led the singing with great spirit. The help and support of brothers and sisters is greatly appreciated. Anne Kobayashi and Rita O’Neill prepared the refreshments and Naomi Gyoten supported the Blessing. John O’Neill is

our champion, it is his dedicated outreach that made our event possible. One couple was delayed, but we will bless them in their home, spend the night and teach further the next day.

The Ministers were happy to be awarded Ambassador of Peace certificates.

We were blessed because Matthew Huish could join us and meet some of the Pastors. Bishop Peter Joseph concluded the day with a powerful blessing on the work of the FFWPU.

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