True Peace Magazine September Issue 2018


Prepared by True Peace Magazine Team

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  • True Peace Magazine September Issue 2018:  PDF    Online
  • True Peace Magazine – Edición de septiembre 2018:   PDF    Online
  • True Peace Magazine d’septembre 2018:  PDF   Online
  • Korean Magazine: PDF
  • Japanese Newsletter: PDF

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  1. Anne-Marie Morgan says:

    Thank you very much for the magazine in four different languages. However I wish that we would be able as well to access the Korean version. I remember a time when the Peace Magazine had both the Korean and the English side by side. I did not take enough advantage of it but it was exciting to have it available.
    We have always been told to learn Korean. Even with a very limited knowledge of the Korean language reading True Parents’ words as they were spoken is uplifting.
    Through the weekly updates we can hear Mother speak. Her Korean is a lot easier for us to understand than Father’s. It would help a lot if we could access a written version of our Mother’s words in both Korean and English.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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