Spain: Peace Road 2018


By Miguel and Maryvonne Calvis, UPF Spain

On Sunday September 30th, 2018 we organized our Peace Road in Spain in the Pyrenees and invited our community from Barcelona to participate. They brought with them a few guests: some ambassadors for peace, one brother brought his parents, some brought their friends and also one artist painter who exposed her paintings in Ronda Barcelona in this year.

The idea was to go up the Sanctuary of Nuria, which is in the beautiful valley of Nuria, a very touristic place, 2.000 meters above sea level and is accessible by foot or by rack railway.

50 people came from Barcelona by bus (2hours driving) and a few others came by car from Catalunya and a group from Andorra altogether around 65 people. We met together in the village of Queralbs , which is the starting point to climb, at 10.00 in the morning. The climb is almost 8kms with a drop of 900m and it takes around 3 hours to arrive at Valle de Nuria.

Most of the group went by foot and a small group took the small train. Even though the way is a quite difficult to climb, we had children from 6 years old who did it, some people took even longer than 3 hours, but everybody was so happy to arrive at the sanctuary, overcoming their own limitations, and helping one another and creating a real sense of a big family.

After taking picture and having lunch all together, it was time to go back and most of them went back with another 3 hours walking going down.

It has been a very long day, but everybody enjoyed a lot to share this day together, overcome our limitations and do something for creating a better world of peace. Peace Road is a very nice program to invite different people from different ways of living and thinking.

The weather has been very nice, not too hot, not to cold, without rain and we felt a lot of support from Heaven. Thank you, Heavenly Parent and True Parents!


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