Spain: Night of Religions


By Dulce Balil, UPF Spain

The city of Barcelona has successfully celebrated the third edition of ‘The Night of Religions’, a proposal of the group of young people of the UNESCO Association for Interreligious Dialogue (AUDIR) September 1, 2018. The Night follows the initiative that was born in Berlin in 2012, where various religious entities open the doors of their temples to the public. The objective of the meeting is to make known and proclaim a message in favor of peace and coexistence, from dialogue and other different activities such as guided tours, workshops, theatrical and musical performances, lectures and tastings of typical food, among others.

The UNESCO Association for Interreligious Dialogue is a founding member of the Initiative of United Religions, an international network of grassroots interfaith initiatives.

Affiliate member to the World Conference on Religion and Peace – Europe and collaborates with the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions. It also belongs to the Catalan Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations.

This year 2018, on September 15th, for the first time we, as Family Federation for World Peace have participated along with other 39 temples of different spiritual traditions in Barcelona.

We put on the wall some posters with diagrams of Divine Principle. We had a small video in Spanish about True Father’s autobiography.

Then two blessed international couples, interracial and of different religious origins, gave a small testimony. They read a point of the Family Pledge, and together with another couple, they poured a glass of water in a bowl.

Our MC, Artur Beshaj, explained the meaning of the word Chon Il Guk and the symbolism of the water ceremony. The couples participating in the three sessions we had were:

José Antonio and Kali Mercader, and Agustín and Mai Torres -Pimlamas. In the second session, Santiago and Neli Temprado and Erzen and Almira Hoxha. And in the third session, Héctor and Dulce Macías and Silvia Torres of the Marquez-Torres family too.

Our community leader with his wife, Artur and Neta Beshaj, made the final representative prayer.We had two book exhibition tables. Notebooks for Peace and bookmarks with the web page. Two guests are interested to know more about us.

It has been a good experience to be able to offer a better welcome to the citizens of Barcelona and other nearby towns that have visited the temples on pilgrimage.

This will give us more confidence and we had a wonderful collaboration from our community, 1st and 2nd generation.

Thank you, Heavenly Parents and True Parents. Mansei.

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