Paraguay: A New Beginning for Heavenly Latin America

Prepared by FFWPU Paraguay

At the Central Unification Movement headquarters in Paraguay on October 7, 2018, at Sunday Service hours, despite the heavy storm we have performed Inauguration Ceremony of Rev. Sung Jong Seo as Director of sub-region 2 of Heavenly Latin America and Launching and Determination of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah.

In Presence of the Presidents of the FFPUM of Argentina Mr. Carlos Vargas, Uruguay Don Susaka and Chile Mr. Javier Sierra and Paraguay Mr. Arístides Rondan and 80 members have celebrated the Ceremony of Position Taking of the Leader of District 2 of Celestial Latin America.

Rev. Seo emphasized that we must completely empty ourselves of our own thoughts, concepts and experiences or methods to carry out the activities of TCMs, and that we unite completely with the Only Begotten with the True Mother to be victorious in our Mission,

We also held the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Determination Ceremony where the Leaders of the 4 countries and 18 TCM couples signed their resolution to complete their Mission to Bless 430 couples.

The Meeting of National Leaders of the 4 countries that make up the subregion 2 and the Staff of District 2 that make up Rev. Sung Jeong Seo in his clarity as General Director, Entela Mustafaj as general secretary and Gustavo Giuliano as Director of the Academy of Tribal Messiah, in which reports of the missions were presented in relation to the number of couples determined to fulfill their mission of heavenly tribal messiahs until December 2018. All left to their mission with more strength to carry out their activities.

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