Nepal: 7 State Mayors’ Leadership Conference


The fifth in a series of eight conferences.

Prepared by UUPF Nepal

In Nepal during the first two weeks of October we are conducting a series of eight programs entitled, “Mayors’ Leadership Conference.” There are seven provinces in Nepal so there will be one conference in each province with two programs held in the largest province, District 3, which includes the capital Kathmandu.

The majority of participants at these conferences are mayors and deputy mayors from all three levels of government. According to the legal structure of government at least one of these two positions must be filled by a woman. Most of the deputy mayors are women while the positions of mayor are being held by men. This mean, each village, municipality and province has both a man and woman leader. When the mayor and deputy mayor work together it is like each level of government has a set of true parents. They have the masculine love of the father and the feminine love of the mother.

True Parents’ teachings were so well received! Speaking about the importance of the family made them so happy. Their receptivity and response was very visible. There were smiling faces and nodding heads. I commented to one staff members, “Talking about marriage and family to women is like giving sweets to children.”

In the presentation Dr. Robert S. Kittel emphasized that one of the primary jobs of the government, the elected officials, was to safeguard the family. In addition to True Parents’ teachings, two slides from secular scholars emphasized this point:

First, Dr. Wade Horn, American psychologist who served as President George W. Bush’s Assistant Secretary for Children and Families from 2001 to 2007, is quoted in his book, “Family Capital and the Sustainable Development Goals,” from a speech he gave at the United Nations General Assembly. He said:

“The State’s foremost obligation is to respect, defend and protect the family.”

The other slide quotes Article 16 (3) of the Declaration of Human Rights. It reads:

“The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”

Again the conference hall was overflowing. Remembering that the goal was 150 participants, in attendance were:

One of the two academic professionals who spoke was Dr. Govinda Sharma Bandi. He is an expert on constitution law, government political structure, as well as an advocate of the Supreme Court. At the beginning of his speech he had a slide quoting True Parents! This shows how well accepted the teaching of True Parents have been in academic and professional circles. His slide read:

“Why do I love the forest, because there is peace. Animals don’t war with each other. Though they hunt and eat other animals, it is but for existence and survival. They have no prejudice and hatred. Trees and plants don’t hate other trees and plants. Therefore, it is very necessary to eliminate jealousy, hatred and prejudice for peace to prevail. Within all of nature, only human beings keep resentment toward other human beings.”

The Chief Guest, Hon. Prithvi Subba Gurund, is Chief Minister (Governor) of the province. He stayed for the entire 3-hour program. In his closing remarks he said that he attended the 2005 program in Kathmandu when True Parents were there to launch UPF-Nepal on Nov. 22, 2005. He also expressed his sincere gratitude that emphasis on the family was given prominence in this program and spoke at length about this. He concluded by saying this was one of the best programs he ever attended, that it was needed, and was a valuable contribution to Nepal at this time.

At the end participants eagerly signed the declaration supporting the establishment of the “International Mayors’ Association for Peace” (IMAP). The IMAP launching will be conducted at the Asia Pacific Summit in December.

These conferences for mayors—which came from the prayer, passion and direction of our Asia Pacific Regional Group Chairman Dr. Yong Chung-sik—are built on the victories of the HTM movement. They are also in preparation for the Asia Pacific Summit. The Prime Minister of Nepal, H.E. KP Sharma Oli, has written a letter personally inviting all the newly elected officials to these programs.

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