Moldova: Heavenly Tribal Messiah

Prepared by FFWPU Moldova

We have four families in Moldova who signed the resolution to Bless 430 couples by the Foundation Day 2020. Inspired by Belarus example, we arranged to go to downtown and bring the “Happy Family Festival” to the people celebrating the annual Wine Festival on the main Plaza of Chisinau, capital city of Moldova. Our four families cooperated well and on October 6-7 we could meet many wonderful families. Out of them 36 coupled passed all 3 stages of the Family Festival mobile version (as we call it).

It was our first experience and it was challenging, but very uplifting. Then we decide to go out again on next Sunday since Chisinau was celebrating its’ 582nd anniversary.

This time again we worked together and we could offer up to 3 steps of the Family Festival to 40 couples. And we had amazing feedback from couples about how this activity is wonderful and needed.

We are working now on developing of follow up program and guidance the families through 40-day and 3-day period. Also we are inspired and determined to continue doing such festivals in the cities and villages around nation.

Also we witnessed the strong support from the spiritual world and as the time goes by we feel more and more that only by working together and supporting each other we will succeed.

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