Malta: Roots and Fruits – Summer Workshop

By Althea Palombi Corlett, FFWPU Malta

he Malta Summer workshop 2018 titled ‘Roots and Fruits’ for the youngest generation group was held between the and 22nd-23rd September 2018.

The Maltese community had in mind that before the school year starts for the 5 youngest children of the community (ages 6 to 13), it would be a good idea if they can prepare themselves by being together for 2 days to share new insights and spend time.

The workshop was led by Jonathan and Althea Palombi Corlett who planned the schedule and also gave 2 of the 3 presentations during the day, Altheas titled ‘Who am i?’ Which led the children to explore their roots through games and team building and also to revise what in life we have control over and what we usually do not. Jonathan’s presentation titled ‘Think outside the box’, let the children delve into thinking beyond what seems true and how we can always use our thinking to go beyond the norm.

Throughout the day the children were encouraged to build material which was based on the content of the w/s, in preparation for the service on the next day so that let the teams meet, prepare and stay focused.

A treasure hunt around the center got the little ones re-energized between lectures. Throughout the day they always had many questions and fresh perspectives/opinions to share with each other no matter the activity.

The Maltese community members all contributed in many ways. For preparing meals our chefs were: Elona Mule Stagno preparing breakfast, Myrabelle Corlett preparing lunch, and Benjamin Custò at dinner. Members, parents and friends came and went throughout the time and got involved being the supportive core behind the scenes.

We spent the evening before dinner at the football field which was a 20min walk from the center. Games ranged from football to manage and children worked up a good appetite for dinner.

On the Sunday the children were encouraged to revisit their notes and build a service around the topics and activities held. Victoria was MC doting the service and was very sure to involve the whole community to participate in trying out the activities that they tried.

The community cheered them on which gave a very positive end to this wonderful time together. We thank every individual for their support and prayers throughout this time.

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