Malaysia: International Day of Peace


Prepared by UPF Malaysia

On 29th September 2018, UPF Malaysia observed the United Nations International Day of Peace (IDP) with the theme “The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70” in Ipoh, Perak. Over 200 participants attended.

The program began with Mr. Yutaka Yamada, National Leader, outlining the vision of peace based on the ideals of One Family Under God of the co-founders Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. This was followed by remarks from Mr. Sudesh Balasubramaniam, President of UPF Malaysia reminding the audience that there can be no peace without the family as the school of peace and an unselfish life.

A Multi-religious prayer was conducted by five religious leaders representing the Islamic, Buddhist, Christion, Hindu and Sikh religious traditions. The religious leaders then participated in a water pouring ceremony signifying the unity of religions and universality of values.

The Guest of Honour was Hon. Dato’ Seri Mohammad Nizar bin Jamaluddin, the Perak State Assembly Executive Committee, who was representing the Chief Minister of Perak State; and, H.E. Atty Wencelito Tan Andanar Al Haj, Special Envoy of the Philippines President to Malaysia, and his wife.

Hon. Dato Seri’ Mohammad Nizar delivered a powerful speech during the event. As a leader with a muslim faith, he began his speech by quoting verses from the Quran which espoused the principle of “One Family Under God” and reminded the participants that all human-beings originated from the one same source. He stressed on the need to abandon racial discrimination and thus pledged his full support on behalf of the government towards all efforts to bring peace and unity among all races.

The program included an array of elegant, beautiful traditional dances and a children’s choir performed in several languages which highlighted the beauty of the diversity of the Malaysian community who co-existed in peaceful harmony.  Participants could feel and realize the importance of peace and unity, which begins from the individual and the family levels, and expanding towards the community and nation.

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    Great …wonderful… what’s your plan for this for 2019?

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