Liberia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop and Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Liberia

We organized 2-day workshop on the 7th of October 2018 to bring True family value and Divine Principle lectures to 253 couples preparing them for the blessing of marriage. This event took place at Conquerors United Pentecostal Church in Margibi County, Liberia, with 513 participants and 253 Couples.

The blessing was conducted by Pastor John P. Teayah’s family. The blessing program was witness by Bishop, Pastors, Journalist and well-wishers

Rev. Mwanga and host Pastors POST FOR PHOTOS. Pastor Steven B Farhien who mobilized the couples is far left, Rev Mwanga’s couple left, Pastor Teayah’s Couple middle, far right is Pastor Thomas Rhode and right is Pastor Philip Karfateh spiritual father to Pastor Steven B. Farhies

One of the participants expressing her appreciation for the workshop. She promised to make a lot of effort to practice what she learned during the two days workshop.

A participant explains how the Divine Principle has helped her understand her role as a wife and the effort she has to make to for a successful marriage. She said that through the teaching she realized that women have very important part to play and should always pray for their families and not repeat the fall after receiving the blessing. She also asked the NL to express her thanks to our True Parents for sending such a truth which she believe will turn their lives around.

Rev. Mwanga appreciated everyone for turning out and caution the blessed couple to observed the 40days separation and reminded them to be faithful to their wives.

This workshop was a great success and a an offering from Liberia to True Parents and Heavenly Parent.

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