Korea: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Mission

The Pentecost Era of the Holy Spirit & Truth thru the Only Begotten Daughter of Heaven

Marching forward with the power of the Holy Spirit & Truth in realizing the substantial Cheon Il Guk thru Heavenly Tribal Messiahs centered on filial heart & life of attending heaven

 Blessing of Grace & Fortune from Heaven and Miracles from Absolute Faith and Trust towards Heavenly Parents & True Parents

A Personal Testimony

By Winny Cayme

When True Father had his last prayer wish before he went to the spirit world I truly repented that I wasn’t able to do His Will while He was still with us on earth. Although I knew very well that this mission is very important and should be my top most priority, I couldn’t reconcile my determination and my limited capacity because I can’t speak Korean well. That time my heart longed to go back to the Philippines. At the back of my mind there was a bit regret because I believe that if only I was in the Philippines, I could have been the first to accomplish this mission more than anybody else in the earlier possible time.

In 2012 my health was seriously deteriorating that I had to undergo a surgical operation. At the same time too, that year was the time that Philippine blessing providence bloomed to the max and the more my mind desired to go back to my hometown. Because I wasn’t fully recuperated after the first surgery, in fact, another operation was decided to be done as soon as possible, so that time I decided to have a 3-month vacation starting in October of 2012 to do heavenly tribal messiah mission in my hometown.

The first target I had in my mind was my extended church – the Philippine Independent Catholic church where I was affiliated at as Lady Bishop. I immediately arranged a schedule to the church elders to explain about the blessing and they responded positively. So during the last Sunday Mass of the year 2012, I gave the homily on the topic “The Value of True Parents & the Blessing” and proclaimed who our True Parents are. Then the following week was the scheduled Unification Principle & Introduction to the Blessing lecture where 12 complete couples (Elders Committee Officers) were able to join the January 13 Blessing in Araneta Coliseum. I saw great hope at that time about fulfilling my HEAVENLY TRIBAL MESSIAH mission because that church has 300 families and it was situated in the town which is 15-minute drive from my Father’s tribe whom since 2003 I was giving the blessing and Unification Principle lectures with.

I know very well that heavenly tribal messiah mission is not only to give blessing but to guide & educate each of those couples to become true families and penetrate the villages for tongban kyeokpah – community breakthrough. Since I found great hope in that situation, I finally made up my mind that I would leave Korea for heavenly tribal messiah Philippines as soon as the school year was over and settle there positively for long with my husband & daughter.

However, on January 4th (2013) I dreamed of True Mother for the first time in my life. In my dream she asked some sisters to introduce themselves. I was the 8th in line. When I mentioned my name Bishop Winny of Ulsan, suddenly she turned her face to Peter Kim and spoke in Korean about 2020. Then I woke up. Actually Vision 2020 was just announced during Foundation Day which was February 22nd. So I didn’t have any idea at all about 2020 the time I had the dream. Completely clueless!

Then the day before God’s day of 2013 I dreamed of True Mother again. In my dream I was assisting her of some secretarial job. She asked me to get a paper on her table but I didn’t ask her which paper before I ran to her room. Then when I saw her table I was shocked to see lots of scattered paper on top of the table and repented why I didn’t ask her specifically which one she needed me to get. Suddenly one paper floated in the air that contained nothing except the number 430 in a very very very big FONT. I grabbed that paper and handed it to Mother explaining “Mother actually I can distribute 430 autobiography books easily in the Philippines. True Mother immediately replied “But we need to save Korea” Again I told her “Mother actually I can fulfill my 430 heavenly tribal messiah mission in the Philippines.” Mother said, “But Korea is the Fatherland, God’s hometown, the Cheon Il Guk nation”. Then she emphasized to me, “We need to restore the religious leaders in Korea.”

That was a dream! However, during God’s Day celebration, True Mother asked the National Messiah assigned in Malaysia to give a testimony of how he was called to go back to Korea to fulfill his HEAVENLY TRIBAL MESSIAH mission here. In his message, despite how much he explained to True Mother all his accomplishments in his mission country and the great foundation he had laid there AND YET, True Mother only told him one sentence ‘Korea is the Cheon Il Guk Nation and not Malaysia’. That was the same message True Mother told me in my dream. I realized, True Mother was speaking to me at that time.

Immediately there was a 180 degrees shift of mind after hearing his testimony. God & True Parents want me to restore Korea. That was exactly the message of True Mother to me. Heaven always spoke to me in dreams ever since and this time True Mother was telling ME the most important focus of my mission and where to exert my last effort to bring victory.

Wish Papers are absolutely answered!

Last Foundation Day 2018 celebration I was in Cheongpyeong and have heard True Mother’s message of how serious this remaining period is and the value of Cheonbowon. That time I offered a wish paper committing myself to fulfill my heavenly tribal messiah mission this year.

Then last March 2018, when the Changyang Team of CheongPyeong came to Busan, I offered another wish paper again. I wrote only 2 points there:

  1. I will fulfill my Tribal Mission of blessing 430 Families by July
  2. I have to restore my Blessing

Heaven knows my heart, my determination and my commitment. God knows me in & out! Never did I expect that God really listens to our hearts’ desire and answers all our prayers. April 16 of this year, my spiritual daughter Moon Hye Rim (Margie Paranas) District 2 Samonim’s couple was able to accomplish their 430 heavenly tribal messiah mission. Then it was only on May 5th that I was informed by Ulsan Regional Pastor that as a condition of grace & filial piety of my spiritual child, I would only fulfill 50 NEW couples to be qualified and be recognized as heavenly tribal messiah Korea within a time frame until July Only, giving the Korean blessed family department enough time to confirm the results before True Father’s SeongHwa Memorial Celebration. What an answer from Heaven!

Imagine, I bought plane tickets already last April 6 heading to my hometown and since then I was preparing thru giving instructions to my mother & aunt (my Father’s younger sister) the plans of what we have to do because of my only limited vacation period to fulfill my mission in the Philippines. However, God brought me to an unexpected miracle…. I determined “by July” and Yes! Heaven really made it in July, on the 7th, when the proclamation was done. One unimaginable fortune and most important one for me is. “it was under Korean headquarters my mission country!” which I thought was an impossibility


Heaven surely have prepared the way!

Ever since I understood the value of heavenly tribal messiah mission & Community Breakthrough, I always carried with me the heart & determination to fulfill it that’s why when I was leading the Philippine providence in the regions of my jurisdiction I have laid the foundation in the community where the center was situated and have encouraged the members to do the same in their own areas. No Filipino UC member could deny that fact! I was even ordained Lady Bishop (not of Unification Community but) of an Interfaith Group of Nueva Ecija with the full support of the Catholic Church and Provincial Government for the many community services we have done in the city and many interfaith initiatives within the province.

However, God’s Will is not for me to be in the Philippines forever. Despite those foundations, God had re-blessed me to a Korean in 1999 and 7 years after our blessing, the Philippine Unification Community had no choice but to release me because God was calling me to live in Korea as one of the HanFil wives and to work as missionary.

Only from 2007 I started my life mission here and God had to push me to the bottom of hell internally & externally even denial from TOP leadership and from members. How did I survive without stopping and complain? I only have one thing in my mind, “Korea is my mission country now” and if I wish to succeed, painful course and precipitous thorny path are inevitable on my way. And for God to use me, my attitude and response to all situations are necessary factors so that God can fulfill His calling for me. I know the formula course, I feel to the marrow of my bones that God is my parent and He knows me more than anybody on earth; I have experienced God is alive & True Parents are true. These are the hopes, inspirations & strength I keep in nobody appeared doing it seriously and confident that it could be fulfilled according to True Parents’ expectation then suddenly beyond expectation, ASIA gave hope to True Mother and to the world thru Dr Lek’s couple (Thailand) and Pops couple (Philippines) who actually did the mobilization of 430 blessing families. Korea & other countries were challenged however, no Korean leaders still have shown an example of how to fulfill that course because we were living with all the reasons and justification base on realities and human standard even making excuses that because witnessing in Asia is easy when all of a sudden right after Foundation Day one Korean elder couple was able to accomplish the 430 blessing families here in Korea directly.

We need to offer Sincere Jeong-seong Conditions

When everybody says it is difficult to do it, God had to push all possible means to tell us and show us that he is in control and if we have faith and trust in Him everything would be possible. Likewise, while many Koreans were able to accomplish it already after the ignition from that elder Korean Couple, many of us (HanFil) excused ourselves with all the reasons from language, culture, money problems, and etc. are hindering us to try or dare to walk the path because we haven’t seen any example from among ourselves.

I know many HANFIL like me are determined but honestly I myself didn’t know where to begin. I am an alien in Korea. After I was counseled by the Regional Pastor of what I needed to prepare for the Proclamation Ceremony, from that time on I shed lots of tears in prayers and sleepless nights struggling what, where and how to start. I needed a momentum because I didn’t have anything that I believe were elements to do this mission with because I couldn’t speak the language well! I don’t have financial resources! My body was another limitation.

That time I offered a three 7-day & one 40-day condition of 70 bowing, midnight prayer & morning shower. For me those were serious offering without even thinking if I would survive because I have a serious knee-problem since last year that actually preventing me to walk well and work properly. However, I told myself, since heavenly tribal messiah is a life & death responsibility I couldn’t do it by myself alone. I needed my ancestors and the power of the entire spirit world. Therefore, I have to give up my life if necessary to accomplish it that’s why even though it was really physically painful I cried not for its excruciating pain but begging the spirit world to really help me, and if, my request was too much for a personal purpose “my Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission” at least just give me inspirations where to begin and with whom.

For HANFIL families to do this heavenly tribal messiah mission in Korea is really tremendously a difficult job for us, but because God had given me the opportunity already, I would take the challenge and go beyond all my limitations using only my absolute faith and absolute trust with Him and the spirit world.

I promised to Heavenly Parent that if I could accomplish it in the given time frame I would stand as a “living testimony of his miraculous works in me” and I promised my ancestors that I would settle their place in Heaven thru the Hyo Jeong Won after everything was over.

Did I expect to make it really happen here in the land where I am actually an alien? Actually a big no! and not even in my imagination. I just tried! However, Heaven was just looking for whom they can use to pioneer the path for HanFil families to become heavenly tribal messiah too. NOW I can say, “God really loves me and has given me the greatest fortune and blessing of all blessings when “MY Spiritual Lineage” was chosen by heaven to start fire.

I have nothing except absolute faith & trust in God

Yes, only these two elements! Because of that, I absolutely believe the power of the Wish Paper and the spiritual support of my Absolute Good Ancestors, without question and doubt. Externally I don’t have financial foundation, in fact I’m an indigent. However, I have many spiritual children and grandchildren not only in Korea but even in other countries and they are my only precious treasures.

True Father is really true when he said the number of your spiritual children determines your wealth in heaven and True Mother is really true when she said if you want to be rich you must do witnessing, witnessing and witnessing. The principle is really true that if we plant the seed of love by sincerely taking care of our spiritual children and unconditionally loving members, fruits are sure to be harvested. Now I can only say, I just received this great heavenly grace & fortune thru them.

I humbly responded to people who gave their best wishes that it’s not my ability that I was able to do it but it was my absolute faith in God, absolute trust to True Parents and tried to make conditions so that my ancestors would take ownership too with our Tribe’s heavenly tribal messiah responsibility.

Without my spiritual children’s support from mobilization of people to financial donation and most especially the unimaginable sincere love of many HANFIL families towards me, I wouldn’t be able to make it. but heaven prepared everything. I realized this unexpected victory was not actually for me but for all HANFIL Families in Korea who became part of my heavenly tribal messiah mission and God just used Margie Samonim’s couple and my family to tell us that even “WE” (HanFil families whom in our faith community sometimes were categorized as immature, not aligned, no concern etc.) can become one of the victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiah too right here in the Fatherland.

We don’t know how much God had prepared everything. Imagine, if the idea of 50 couples didn’t come about, if the system of partnership doesn’t exist, and the 3 generation in 1 are not formulated, it could really be impossible… While we thought we can’t, God knows what we need and Heaven just need 3 conditions from us:

1). Absolute trust in God and that True Parents are in absolute control 2) Strong determination to fulfill the Will 3) Risk our lives in this very important period of the providence. Heaven is doing its 95% share of responsibility and just waiting for our 5% response thru those 3 conditions.

Honestly in the beginning, I never thought of the financial burden that I would face if I would dash towards this mission but first I offered a condition to mobilize the spiritual world before I look for people to be blessing candidates. Then every solution came one by one until its completion.

My Proclamation Day with 280 Han – Fil Families

After a week of condition. Heaven poured out their support when one by one ideas were coming and people appeared as signs of hope for my heavenly tribal messiah. That time, I personally decided to focus only to HanFil families, Filipinas who were married with Koreans thru outside agencies. I only have confidence to have true results with the people who speaks the language like mine. However, I still struggled even though I need only 50 and too much worried if I could still find NEW 50 prepared ones from Ulsan since we have already blessed almost 60 PMC Han-Fil families since 2012.

Blessing Providence in Ulsan is an open activity and well known to Filipinos in the city. Yes, we can easily invite them to receive the blessing but for me to fulfill my goal is really my dilemma. BUT God gave me very supportive 4 regional coordinators who because of partnership system willing offered their support by mobilizing people from their regions and local areas to participate in this very important event in my life. I couldn’t imagine that they spent so much from their pockets to really bring me to the status of victorious heavenly tribal messiah in Korea. I owe them an unpayable debt of gratitude.

On June 30th, a week before July 7th, we have actually 93 couple applicants but some requirements were still lacking and only 70 were able to be completed. However, after the ceremony from the attendance of 280 we found out that there were 150 guests (non-UC families) including some husbands too and our new PMC couples previously blessed before also came to celebrate with us. Even our District Governor, Ulsan Pastors and many Korean elders couldn’t imagine that people came as far as Kangwon – Seoul – Kyeonggi – Jeonnam – Jeonbuk – Haeyang aside from Yeongnam provinces…. They are God’s incredible expression of love and support. Ulsan Regional Center is small compared to other regions that’s why we even occupied the 2nd floor for candidates with kids and those moms with babies were all accommodated on the 3rd floor of the building. These are all beyond imagination! The spirit world is alive!

Finally, we finished the Proclamation ceremony on July 7th 2018 and had received the confirmation certificate that our couple is DONE issued by the Korean Headquarters Blessed Family Department. Nevertheless, My & OUR commitment is not ended here. This is not just our couple’s victory but the victory of all Hanfil families in Yeongnam and in Korea because we have set up the pattern already and pioneered a path where we can bring many more Damunhwa Families to the blessing providence of our True Parent in the future.

We are positive to the idea of expansion. Why? These couples are young people and who speak the same language like ours. We can follow them up again, educate, raise & guide them until the level where they can truly become part of True Parents worldwide blessed community.

Next, we are very sure that because many more foreigners will be married to Korean in the future therefore; we can have more target people for the blessing for the sake of realizing the global community of Blessed Families centered on True Love. Lastly, since we have learned the Homegroup system from Dr Park Yong Bae District Governor of Area 5, we are very positive that we can maintain these people based on our experiences here in Ulsan.

Lecture Presentation about True Parents

Life and Accomplishments for the sake of World Peace and the Significance of the Blessing & Unification Community

Gratitude to ALL!

I would like to offer our gratitude to Heavenly Parent & True Parents and support of all my dear Han-Fil sisters who really made the event a possible offering to heaven. The selfless heart of our Coordinators in Yeongnam District & all our Ulsan Region members to settle my family first before them is truly a sign of their respect and attendance to me although I lack in many ways and haven’t given enough to them. It was not a simple decision on their part however, they did. I can’t repay all of your love my dear sisters.

Next, the sincere support extended by the national staff most especially our dear President, Grace Tadili. I couldn’t imagine the unity of unconditional love you all have given unto me.

To mention too, my spiritual children here and abroad did a great job to take ownership for this proclamation for our entire Tribe and ancestors.

There is no exact word in the dictionary to describe my gratefulness to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for their greatest love to me… God is really my Parent and now I can really attest to the fact that God holds me dearly in their heart as their filial daughter. May Heaven poured their blessings and fortune on all of us.

Testimony regarding the works of the Absolute Good Spirit, the immediate response of the Wish Papers, the results of sincere Jeong-Seong internal condition and the Gains of Investment

  • I offered a wish paper in February stating I have to do my heavenly tribal messiah this year 2018 (but my mind is set to Philippines although my heart desires to fulfill that mission in Korea)
  • Again one in March which I wrote that I will fulfill my heavenly tribal messiah by July (because I planned to have 3- week visit in my hometown during the school summer vacation of our daughter from July 22 – August 12)
  • I know the value of Cheon Bo Weon and I really wished that all my dedications could be included there as my legacy. However, I don’t have confident that it is possible because my mission is Korea which is the restoration of the Fatherland. Anyway, for the sake of Cheonbowon I must do it even in the Philippines. I repented because that is a selfish motivation on my part and has nothing to do with Korean goal and even a disbelief to the messages True Mother were telling me thru dreams
  • Little that I know that Heaven would grant my heart desire to become heavenly tribal messiah Korea. Yes! I was informed first week of May that I had the opportunity to fulfill it right here in the Fatherland. Then the decision of July 7 2018 (5.24 HC) was offered.
  • So when I was given the opportunity, I offered two 7-day condition first followed by 40-day and another 7-day of 70 bowing / midnight prayer / morning shower to mobilize the spirit world to help me. Heaven inspired me to focus on Han-Fil Families because they are also part of Korean families and within my witnessing capacity. These Filipinas will become Korean citizens too like me.
  • During my midnight prayer, I called all the Filipino ancestors of all Filipinos living in entire Yeongnam district to send to us their descendants because only thru being connected to our True Parents’ lineage thru the blessing can they have the chance to be liberated too from where they are in the spirit world. Yes, we were able to have almost 100 Han-Fil Families willing to participate in the blessing in a given of 40-day mobilization period
  • I couldn’t walk well and it prevented me to work properly because of my knee problem but I used the bowing condition to challenge my physical body situation to inspire the spirit world that I’m dead serious and sincere to risk everything for the sake of heavenly tribal messiah Korea. The spirit world pitied me much, I’m sure, because, despite the excruciating pain for every bending of my knees, I never shed a tear for that reason except for gratitude towards heaven and repentance for my shortcomings. After the Proclamation, my knee pains were healed without me taking medicine.
  • I didn’t have much financial resources. It’s a fact! When we are almost done with all the planning and have seen the possible positive conclusion from our mobilization, surely I needed something to finance everything. That time I offered my 3rd Wish Paper during Spring Great Works in May. Yes! Heaven didn’t just show the solution BUT HAVE GIVEN US the solution itself. Heaven provided us the MEANS and we were able to survive the activity without touching the savings I reserved for Hyo Jeong Weon. That’s why before True Father’s Seonghwa memorial celebration I immediately fulfilled my pledge to my ancestors.
  • The 1st week of July was the scheduled “summer rainy season” and some Filipinos have a bad habit of breaking appointments and promises if it rains. That’s why on July 1, I had my 3rd 7-day condition, the last 7days before the event. We know how Satan tries his best to prevent us from accomplishing our goal so even though we have 70 confirmed couples to come we couldn’t be relaxed until everything is over. Finally, the rain slowed down a bit on Friday but there was still rain showers in the morning of Saturday that gave me so much worries. Most of the candidates are young mothers, who have babies or kids who were to come with them and with that kind of weather condition, I was very tensed. We arrived in the regional church as early as 9am for checking other details necessary and it was 10.30 already but there was still continues rain showers. I went to the prayer room begging all the ancestors again to please protect the situation and what a miracle when the rain immediately stop 30 minutes later giving us fine climate in the middle of hot summer season.
  • Indeed, God took control of everything from the time of preparation, mobilization of people, looking for ways and means until the smooth flow of the ceremony. There is no impossibility if we have faith!

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