Italy: One Day Seminar on the Divine Principle


By Sergio Coscia, FFWPU Italy

It is always important to dedicate time to study and reflect about the Divine Principle, the core teaching that the Founders of the Family Federation, Rev. and Mrs. Moon have offered to all humanity. This Sunday, September 30th, we were prepared to spend a special day, and we have to admit that all participants gathered with joy and a deep feeling of expectation.

We immediately sensed that our Heavenly Parent must have been very happy to see us all together… amid joyful songs and deep prayers, we could receive strong power from the contents that were conveyed by the lecturers. The first lecture in the morning was of great encouragement: the content was based on the Principles of Creation, especially emphasizing the true value of life, the search of happiness, beauty and goodness. Lorna Russo was lovingly assisting us on this journey, expressing her motherly love to all of us.

After that, Giuseppe Russo lectured about the origins of conflict, revealing the source of evil and suffering due to the Human Fall. Recognizing how this touches all of us very deeply, we anxiously prepared for the first lecture in the afternoon, when Ignazio Cabras, of the national Family Federation, opened his heart conveying a deeply felt presentation of Jesus’ Mission, speaking about the importance to rediscover the value of the Messiah who comes to offer his life for the salvation of all humanity.

The last lecture, about the course to prepare the Advent of the Messiah in history, was given by the community pastor, Sergio Coscia. The feelings were very deep, realizing how God, our Heavenly Parent, incessantly worked in the course of times to bring a complete salvation to all His sons and daughters.

In the end, we all gave thanks to our True Parents for all that they did in their lifetime, that they spent to liberate God’s heart and to build true peace, starting from the family. It was a beautiful way to end a day where we could experience prayer, reflection, and also joyful sharing. This experience certainly helped us to build a deeper friendship among all of us, and all participants left with the strong desire to deepen their knowledge about the Divine Principle.

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