Italy: God’s Lineage, Hope of the World


By Ana Paula da Silva

Immediately after the last Blessing Ceremony, held on September 28th, the families of the Padua community, under the guidance of our pastor Angelo Chirulli, focused on their prayer list. Thus, it was decided to make another Family Festival after only two weeks.

On October 14th, at FFWPU headquarters of Padua, everything was ready to, once again, convey God’s blessing to His children. All families of our community were present to share this joyful and precious moment. Many were invited, but only one couple responded, certainly very precious to God.

Husband and wife, both from the Philippines belong to the Anglican Church. The groom could not be present, so the bride brought his photo. Accompanied by her spiritual parent, Nicola Gentile, she arrived early in the morning from the city of Bologna.

Many were absent but the presence of this marvellous lady, made us realise that we can’t dominate the circumstances, but we can and must be ready under any circumstances.

Keeping in mind the urgency of God and True Parents’ heart we want to commit ourselves more seriously and be able to mobilise the spiritual world, so that we can truly become ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD.

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