Haiti: Opening Ceremony of Miragoane Literacy School

Prepared by WFWP Haiti

On October 5th, 2018, Opening Ceremony of Miragoan literacy school constructed by WFWPI’s support was held.

First of all, we visited the accident site where Mrs. Lunese Valcy who was Miragoane branch Leader of WFWP-HAITI and project leader of Miragoane Literacy school, died in a traffic accident with her mission midway two years ago, devoted prayers. And we headed to a newly constructed literacy school in Miragoane city.

We cut off the tape in front of the new school, and the opening ceremony was started in the newly classroom.

In the opening ceremony, the activities of WFWP – HAITI were introduced from the M.C., and the background and impressions of the three years from planning to construction was explained from a project leader who is a dispatching member of WFWP–JAPAN.

As a special guest, we welcomed the mayor of the current Miragoane city and received a celebration message.

Finally, from the teacher in charge, the testimonies of those who learned in the literacy class and became able to write letters was introduced, and encouraged the students who intend to learn in the literacy class from now. Many students will learn at this new school for six months while feeling hopeful.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart that the Miragoan Literacy School was built by the hands of many people.

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