Germany: The Marriage Blessing as an Opportunity for Internal Renewal and a Fresh Start


By Rosemarie Leja (English-Catriona Valenta)

4 October was the 36th wedding anniversary of several couples from the Giessen and Frankfurt communities; in October 1982 these couples had participated in a ceremony of marriage in Korea, along with many more couples from all over the world. The opportunity was taken to use this anniversary to expand the understanding of the marriage Blessing which is the most significant sacrament of the Family Federation for World Peace.

In his presentation, Claus Dubisz explained the deep significance of marriage and the family and its effect on society and the world. It is in the family that we develop the ability to love. We learn to give and receive; this requires effort since it is through facing difficult situations and embracing challenging personalities that we mature. This trains our ability to love which then expands beyond the family and affects society at large. In short, the family is a school of love. It is also about spiritual growth, engaging our talents and investing ourselves in our own personal way to contribute to a better world.

Claus ended his presentation by stressing that everyone can make a new start through the marriage Blessing. The marriage Blessing of the FFWPU is international and interreligious and thus not confined to any religion.

The opportunity was then offered to participate on the spot in this Blessing. Claus Dubisz and Christian and Glenys Claus led all who wished to do so, step by step through the Blessing ceremony. This was a very solemn and uplifting moment.

Then followed very personal reports from the couples Resch and Hoffmann about their experiences as a couple and a family. Lisbeth Resch hit the nail on the head with her remark: „I am working every day for world peace, when I practice love and diplomacy-in my own family. “

The choir „Heimatklang“ , led by Olga Kalasch rounded off the festivities with German and Russian songs, rendered with much heart and passion and Tamara Dukhownaja sang a wonderful solo.

We then enjoyed a tasty international buffet to which all had contributed dishes, and those who stayed on longer had the pleasure of being entertained by our group of musicians, supported by the talented young artist, Laureen Mobo.

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