Germany: Blessing of 58 Couples in Augsburg

By Stefan and Jae-sook Schmidt, FFWPU Germany

On October 13th, one day before our 36th Blessing Anniversary, my wife and I were able to bless 58 couples in Augsburg at the traditional Korean Harvest Festival “Chusok” including the Korean consul with wife from Frankfurt and his deputy. Aju!

Everyone received the Holy Wine as a welcome at the reception. Jae-Sook (board member of the Korean Association), who also led the evening as a presenter through the happy, musical and culinary evening, spoke on stage a deeply moving blessing prayer. Many were moved to tears. Late in the evening on the way home some said that this was the best chusok party so far …

Blessing of thirteen Korean Nurses on 24 September 2018

On a choir rehearsal in our large music living room, my wife and I were able to bless thirteen Korean nurses at our Hometown Hurlach near Munich on September 24th! Aju!

The women were enthusiastic and very impressed by the flag of our Family Federation which we hung up for the blessing.

After the Blessing prayer, we talked to the nurses about the meeting of True Parents and our full nine-member family in the hotel suite in The Hague, The Netherlands, in 2005. Back in that night, when Father learned that Jae- Sook lives in Germany, he wanted to know immediately how the Korean nurses were doing who came to Germany in the 1960s / 70s. That surprised us a lot. Jae-Sook was able to talk about the lives of the Korean nurses in Germany for a long time, because she knows many of her situations and has long been the second board member of the Korean Association. Father listened intently, was extremely interested and also asked a lot of questions. After the blessing we said to the nurses that we ourselves experienced how much Rev. Moon and his wife respect and value their work.

After this encounter with Father we felt a special responsibility to take care of and bless them and their families in Germany on behalf of the True Parents.

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