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By Eva Pejkofski

My name is Eva Pejkofski and I was born on September 11th, 1990 in Brno, Czech Republic. I have a younger brother Mojmír, and we are the second generation of musicians in our family—starting with our father.

My parents gave me many opportunities to develop my talents since early age. For that I am very grateful to my parents.

At around 6 years of age I begun playing the violin, soon after that I also started to attend piano and singing lessons. Although I was struggling with strong self-confidence issues for many years, which were reflected often during my performances, it was always very clear to me, that music is the way I want to go. That is why I refused to apply to more high schools when there was a time for elementary school graduates to submit their applications. Many of my teachers thought I was foolish at that time. It was common to choose the safe way and apply for many schools “just in case”… Although I hadn’t won many competitions at the time, I was accepted to Prague’s conservatory with the highest score of all applicants—a big surprise to everyone including me!

“We as musician have the honor to bring joy to the audience and they thank us with a unique reaction reflecting the nation’s history.” — Eva Pejkofski

During my studies at the conservatory I moved to Prague to live in a dorm; a 16-year old girl alone in the capitol. During that period I decided to dedicate a lot of my time to joining the efforts of Rev. and Mrs. Moon to bring about a world of peace. Meeting their movement and getting to know their life story, their teachings and endless efforts inspired me so much to work hard on myself, including the field of music. I am so grateful that being inspired by their example I met my husband and we currently have two beautiful children and play an active part in their worldwide movement.

I had a chance to visit many countries during my musical “career.” I traveled to Japan, China, Germany, Austria, Switzerland… In each country there is a different atmosphere and  reaction from the audience. We as musician have the honor to bring joy to the audience and they thank us with a unique reaction that reflects the nation’s history. Recently we gave a concert in a huge 02 arena in Prague and the audience applauded spontaneously throughout the entire concert. While experiencing these moments, I cannot help but feel like the world is not lost and there are still many things to unite us—for example music and the arts! In the last few years I was also happy to join the amazing Japanese soprano singer Seiko Lee from New York, for a few beneficiary concerts, and I am looking forward to further cooperation with her.

As for my current professional life, while raising two children, I play at the GoJa Theatre Orchestra (currently the Phantom of the Opera) and occasionally I join The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. We recently toured Poland, Bratislava, Prague and Budapest with a beautiful project “Star Wars in Concert”. With the same orchestra I recently joined another beautiful project “BBC Planet Earth Life”, which we performed in many German and Austrian cities, and even in Scandinavian countries.

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