Estonia: Celebrating the 13th Anniversary of True Parents’ Visit

By Avo and Olga Martinson, FFWPU Estonia

On October 20, 2018, the 13th anniversary of the visit to Estonia by Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Dr.Hak Ja Han Moon, the founders of the Universal Peace Federation and the Family Federation, was celebrated.

At the beginning of the event, all participants were able to introduce themselves. The people gathered, most of whom were Ambassadors of Peace, and people from different fields of life.

In his welcoming speech Mr.Avo Martinson, UPF Estonia Secretary- General reminded that UPF is a UN-type global organization that does not prioritize the interests of any country but acts in the entire world interest as a whole, and aims to create lasting peace in the world through the joint effort of the various organizations and peoples together with God, the Creator of this universe and people.

Ms.Oksana Loginova, piano teacher at Kehra Music School played on piano beautiful and heartfelt stories throughout the event.

Mr. Hannu Hassinen, UPF Finnish Secretary-General, talked about the main principles of UPF and the specific areas of UPF’s activities.

Mr.Lauri Oinonen, a former finnish MP, praised Estonia’s rapid economic development and wished the Republic of Estonia happiness in its 100th birthday. He also called the Peace Embassy in Tallinn as a lighthouse that radiates light to the whole country and wished for strength for future cooperation.

Audience then watched a video of Dr.Hak and Han Moon’s recent activities in Korea, Japan, America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

This was an introduction to the keynote address, “Peace Starts with Me”, which Dr.Hak Ja Han Moon delivered on April 29, 2018, in the Vienna City Hall, which had gathered 12,000 people, including 300 politicians, representatives of various religions, and leaders of various fields of life. In his speech, Dr. Hak and Han Moon said that “We have reached a limit that can only be made by human power.

People need to know which creature the owner of the universe is, God, our creator. Only through this knowledge can all the problems be solved. ”

In addition, Mrs.Olga Martinson, chairwoman of the Family Federation for Peace and Unification, spoke about the goals of the Family Federation, which is the creation of the God centered family through the ideal families who have received marriage blessing. She also invited audience to participate in future marriage blessing ceremonies.

Mr. Avo Martinson subsequently explained the meaning of marriage ceremonies and the 5 steps of the blessing process. He added that marriage is a gateway to Heavenly Kingdom.

Then Ms.Oksana Loginova played the piano and everybody took a joint picture.

Finally, all participants were able to enjoy each other’s company and exchange experience of their lives and activities.


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