DR Congo: International Day of Peace

Prepared by UPF DR. Congo

The UPF DR CONGO celebrated the International Day of Peace in two cities: in Kinshasa the main capital and in Bukavu, country town in East Congo on September 21 2018.

In Bukavu, the UPF local Secretary, Pastor Gilbert BOÏSSA talked to 150 participants on the Principle of peace, good governance and character education. To finish 3 New AFP were appointed (2 Colonels of National Army and 1 lawyer),

During the event in Kinshasa, peace messages were given; people watched the video relating True Mother’s activities in New York and Latina America and 7 New AFP were appointed.

The UN SG Message was read by King DIFIMA NTINU (IACPP Chief Committee) while the Keynote speech based on the Message of True Mother, given in Sao Paulo in Brazil on August 3, 2018 was presented by Rev Jean Pierre KADIMA MUNDADI, UPF SG /DRC.

Among 200 participants who attended the event, were several categories of leaders (religious, Traditional rules, Parliamentarians, Civil Society, Youth representatives),  During two days after the celebrations, the event was broadcasted by five radios and TV channels : TELE 50, Direk TV, Radio Okapi, Top Congo and RTNC( the national Radio TV channels).

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