Costa Rica: Determination for the Mission of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Completion

Prepared by FFWPU Costa Rica

On October 7, 2018 we held a ceremony to welcome to the new Leader of the Region 4 of Heavenly Latin America, the Rev Dae Hee Hong, along with the Ceremony of Determination for the Mission of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Completion.

At this time blessed families, providential leaders and the membership of different parts of Costa Rica accompanied us in this event for a new beginning and determination.

The Ceremony of Determination to Successfully Accomplish the Mission of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah, was carried out with 17 families from Costa Rica decided to participate, promising in front of the Heavenly Parents and True Parents strive to fulfill their missions as Heavenly Tribal Messiah, fulfilling the liberation of 430 generations of ancestors and blessing 430 couples.

Rev Dae Hee Hong, shared internal guide about plans, goals and what we will do in the future and he said:

We must fulfill our mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah, it can be achieved, if we are united as one body, with only one goal and one desire. True Parents are with us, the spiritual world is waiting for us to begin.

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