Russia: Consecrating the Holy Grounds

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

On the territory where the central blessed family of Ruslan and Lyudmila Kharisovs are developing the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship, on October 11, seven holy grounds were created.

We created the first holy ground in the North of the territory – in the city of Lower Sergi. On the territory of the sanatorium there is a large pavilion where it is possible to organize a blessing for 210 couples and the sanatorium itself is suitable for holding seminars.

From the place where the holy ground was created, a beautiful and majestic view opens up. Nearby is a local landmark – a statue of an elk. In the center of the Holy Land – a tree on which to hang ribbons “for luck.” I think that people who will come there, happiness will be added.

The second holy ground was created in the park “Deer Streams” not far from the statue of the angel of single hope. The sculptures of the first seven Guardian Angels were installed on the same day, September 17, 2005, in Australia, Canada, Peru, Mali, Vanuatu (an island in the South Pacific), in Hawaii and in the Urals, in the “Deer Streams” Nature Park. In total, it is planned to install 49 such sculptures.

According to the idea of the author, the Swedish artist and sculptor Lena Edvall, guardian angels will form a single space of the globe, will guard peace and tranquility, protect people from evil, and, first of all, from wars and terrorism. It was the 2004 terrorist act in Madrid, which led to numerous victims, that was the impetus for Lena Edvall to create the project, which was called the One Hope. This angel often people pray. I am sure that now they will receive more global, Divine thoughts.

We also had an idea: to create a project in Oleniy Brooks, useful for people, like the Baikal project. This place is located a hundred kilometers from Ekaterinburg and more people will be able to go there.

Fourth holy ground was created on the ski slope in Mikhailovsk. Mini YoungPyong :). True, until we bought it. Maybe people, going up here, will be less afraid. Also a great place.

The fifth holy ground was created in Akbashevo (Akbash means head).

The sixth holy ground was created near the village of Ufa-Shigiri. Here 10 years ago, representatives of 23 countries laid the Center for National Culture. Then the construction of the center was suspended, but the idea is very good, we will look for an opportunity to bring it to mind.

The seventh holy ground was created near the village of Ruslana – Urmikeevo.

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