Colombia: YSP Seminar 2018


Prepared by YSP Colombia

With the understanding of the importance of working with young people, we held a national seminar called “VICTORIOUS CAMP” on October 12 to 15, with the participation of 60 young participants from 5 departments.

The participants were young people from the age of 11 who, with the Staff group, comprised a group of more than 75 people.

The seminarians participated in training conferences for young incorruptible ambassadors of peace, responsible sexuality, universal values and spiritual growth. In the same way and with the same spirit the seminarians participated and challenged their own limits through dynamics that fostered teamwork, discipline, character education, building life plans, the importance of true leadership and conflict resolution, with the intention of training them in the future owners of peace and leaders of national providence.

The activities and the seminar are intended to strengthen the work of the YSP in partnership with the other organizations of our organization and with the aim of being able to lead proposals that help us promote a true culture of peace in our nation, helping to strengthen the foundations for the expansion of the Cheon Il Guk.

Thank you to Heavenly Parents and True Parents for the success of the activity.

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