Caribbean Regional Leaders Assembly

By Toshika Gomez Kamijo, FFWPU Caribbean

To make Heavenly Parent dream come through and comfort True Parents heart, on October 19-22, Caribbean Regional HQ conducted “Caribbean Regional Leaders Assembly” in Dominican Republic which is the HQ of Heavenly Latin America Sub Region No.5. 21 leaders from 11 Caribbean Countries participated in this Assembly.

The Schedule of Assembly was divided into 3 at different places. On the first day, whole schedule was conducted at Napolitano Hotel. 11 leaders introduced themselves one by one and gave reports about their national situations. And Regional secretary general of WFWP, CARP President and HARP President of Dominican Republic explained their activities to the other leaders from abroad. After receiving all reports, Rev. Leonidas Belliard (Regional Director of Caribbean Region) explained True Mother’s expectation for each country and reported resolutions from Regional Director Meeting in Peru on Sept. 24-28. As conclusion, he asked all national leaders to find one university student as a future leader and send that person to the 21day CARP Workshop in Dominican Republic. And also encouraged leaders to focus on HTM activity in each country.

On the Second day, Regional Director of Latin America, Rev. Sang Suek Kim has arrived in Dominican Republic in the morning. He gave greeting messages at Sunday Service and Inauguration Ceremony at Santo Domingo Church. And National leader of Jamaica, Mr. Dennis Salmon gave a determination speech of bringing victory.

After it, UPF President of Central America and Caribbean, Dr. Chang Sik Yang has arrived in Dominican Republic. All leaders visited CARP center together and took time to see how CARP is working in Dominican Republic. After that, leaders and staff departed church to the Bonao Training Center in farm. The coordinator of the training center, Mr. Candido Gomez guided Farm Tour and explained the history of the farm and Training Center. Before dinner, all national leaders shared their testimonies one by one. All participants’ hearts were connected into one. Before closing, Rev. Sang Suek Kim set the goal of HTM Activities until the foundation day 2019 for each Caribbean countries. After dinner, Dr. Yang gave a special message to leaders. In his message, he mentioned how important it is to launch IAPD and IAPP for each nation to move providence.

Through this assembly and through the determination ceremony we really believe and confident we will bring victory to True Parent by defeating the evil and raising good results in the field.

On departure day, all leaders went to Holy ground in the farm after doing HDH. After Rev. Leonidas Belliard’s prayer, they did Ok-mansei guided by Rev. Sang Suek Kim. At the end they enjoyed the beach and swimming pool at Juan Dolio Beach Resort.

Thanks to this opportunity, Caribbean leaders could strengthen Caribbean bond and determined to bring victory to True Parents.

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