Cameroon: International Day For Peace

Prepared by UPF Cameroon

The 2018 edition of the International Day of Peace was held in Yaoundé, Cameroon on the 28th of September 2018. There were over 74 people who participated in the conference that held at the Muna Foundation under the title: “The Right to Peace – 70 years of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

The program started with the installation of personnel at 3 p.m. By 4:30 p.m., the conference began with an opening prayer from pastor Abela and imam Modibo, Christian and Muslim respectively. The anthem was sung by all and the MC, Rev. Fongoh Innocent, the S.G of UPF Cameroon, gave a word of welcome, followed by a video projection wherein UPF’s founders were introduced, mission, its objectives and the activities it carried out throughout the globe. Later on the “peace voices,” a group of youths of FFWPU performed a song titled “steady my heart.”

Thereafter the president for UPF Cameroon-chapter Rev. Edwin Plekhanov read the United Nations secretary general’s message on the international day for peace 2018 wherein he emphasized on “achieving sustainable development goals with the universal declaration of human right as our guide and as a reminder that, peace takes roots when people are free from hunger, poverty and operation, and can thrive and prosper”. There was also a PowerPoint presentation on UPF’s peace message by Rev. Fongoh Innocent, the S.G of UPF Cameroon. He explained the five principles of peace, laying emphasis on the need for everyone to fulfill his/her duty as the only means to protect the rights of all and that the underlying factor in all human right abuses stems from sexual immorality which must be shun by all. This was followed by a performance from the “peace voices” who sang “read all about it.”

UPF Cameroon president Rev. Edwin Plekhanov gave the closing remarks, thanking all for coming and also talked on the upcoming events of UPF in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively. He urged people to write their names if, they are willing to participate in these events and also to write their names if they wish to become peace ambassadors. He equally announced the upcoming launching of YSP and called upon all the youths present to rally behind YSP and all Peace Ambassadors to send their youths to YSP programs. The event ended with group pictures and refreshments at about 6:30 p.m.


Generally the impressions were very good as many participant wanted to be part of UPF upcoming programs.Here are some quote:

  • Tifuh Chantal, Receptionist at the Muna Foundation: Though I was late for the conference, with the little I got from UPF presentation on peace, I am eager to be part of it. This is why I want to register and know the procedure to become a young peace ambassador.
  • Djafarou YAYA, Muslim Youth Leader and Peace Ambassador: this is one of the best UPF conference I have attended and I have with me a young student I want to connect to YSP to become a Peace Ambassador.
  • JAMILLA SALY ASONGNA, University Student: I am very impressed by the lecture. Hearing about YSP, I am willing to become a member and want to know the modalities and programs of YSP.

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